Psychological and Medical Perspectives on Fertility Care and Sexual Health

Psychological and Medical Perspectives on Fertility Care and Sexual Health
Author: Kim Bergman,William D. Petok
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 302
Release: 2021-10-21
ISBN 10: 0128232757
ISBN 13: 9780128232750
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Psychological and Medical Perspectives on Fertility Care and Sexual Health Book Review:

Psychological and Medical Perspectives on Fertility Care and Sexual Health provides the necessary specialized training of sexual dysfunction and sex therapy to those in reproductive medicine. Understanding and knowledge about these sexual dysfunctions is needed for reproductive specialists to identify sexual problems, provide treatment if they are able or make appropriate referrals, and coordinate care for more specialized and specific needs as part of the patients overall reproductive medical management. This must-have reference explores the intimate interface of sexuality and fertility, male and female sexual function, cultural influences on women, Eastern medicine, and more! Provides the first-of-its-kind book for clinicians that summarizes literature and interventions and brings together the current researchers and thinkers on this topic Explores diverse populations typically left out, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals, women and people of color Presents a treatment dilemma for many health care providers: should one condition be treated before the other or should concurrent services be offered? Identifies common sexual problems/dysfunctions presented by infertility patients Describes interventions for these problems and identifies resources for appropriate treatment of sexual dysfunction

Sexual Health Fertility and Relationships in Cancer Care

Sexual Health  Fertility  and Relationships in Cancer Care
Author: Maggie Watson,David Kissane
Publsiher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2020
ISBN 10: 0190934034
ISBN 13: 9780190934033
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Sexual Health Fertility and Relationships in Cancer Care Book Review:

"This book, from the International Psycho-oncology Society, is the second in a series of brief Companion Guides for Clinicians. The series editors identified a need for a guide to focus on the impact of cancer and oncology treatments on sexual health, fertility and relationships. The topic is approached from a psycho-oncology perspective, i.e. placing the emotional, behavioural and social elements at the centre of the topics covered in the chapters.The aim is to describe approaches and treatments that can be utilised by cancer clinicians, mental health professionals, psycho-oncologists in training and allied psychosocial oncology professionals. It emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary care. The guide is not intended to replace national clinical guidelines and policies but gives a more generic international overview of the important factors and elements that need to be considered when dealing with sexual health, fertility and associated relationship issues for cancer patients at all points on the treatment trajectory. Topics include: management of sexual health; onco-fertility care; relationship issues. It covers standards of good practice across all cancer patients, as well as focussing on the needs of individuals, couples, young people and LGBT groups in a pragmatic format for use in everyday practice.Assessment methods are covered, alongside psychological treatments, covering a wide range of patient ages and types of cancer. Policies, service issues, legal, ethical, confidentiality and communication issues are also covered.This brief pocketbook manual can be used for quick reference. This will suit oncology professionals who decide to look further into a topic on a case-by-case or problem-focussed basis as they undertake clinical work"--

Infertility Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Hormone Assays

Infertility  Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Hormone Assays
Author: Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 90
Release: 2019-07-17
ISBN 10: 1838811354
ISBN 13: 9781838811358
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Infertility Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Hormone Assays Book Review:

Infertility is a major public health concern and medical condition that afflicts millions globally. As such, many people seek reproductive care with the goal of receiving a proper diagnosis and a successful outcome using assisted reproductive technology (ART). Infertility: Assisted Methods of Reproduction and Hormonal Assays provides an overview of ART methods and discusses recent trends in the field. Chapters cover an array of topics including diagnosis of infertility using hormonal assays, adverse outcomes of ART, oocyte donation, cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos and psychosocial care.

Infertility Counseling

Infertility Counseling
Author: Sharon N. Covington,Linda Hammer Burns
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2006-10-16
ISBN 10: 1139458337
ISBN 13: 9781139458337
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Infertility Counseling Book Review:

Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians, 2nd edition, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary textbook for all health professionals providing care for individuals facing reproductive health issues. It is the most thorough and extensive book currently available for clinicians in the field of infertility counseling, providing an exhaustive and comprehensive review of topics. It addresses both the medical and psychological aspects of infertility, reviewing assessment approaches, treatment strategies, counseling for medical conditions impacting fertility, third-party reproduction, alternative family building and post infertility counseling issues. Each chapter follows the same format: introduction, historical overview, literature review, theoretical framework, identification of clinical issues, suggestions for therapeutic interventions, and future implication. This edition also includes extensive appendixes of clinical tools useful to the clinician, including an Internet database of resources and an extensive glossary of terminology.

Management of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

Management of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women
Author: Larry I. Lipshultz,Alexander W. Pastuszak,Andrew T. Goldstein,Annamaria Giraldi,Michael A. Perelman
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 396
Release: 2016-07-05
ISBN 10: 1493931008
ISBN 13: 9781493931002
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Management of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women Book Review:

This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of the intersection of male and female reproductive and sexual health. The text comprehensively discusses the evaluation and management of physical, genetic, and psychological causes of male and female sexual dysfunction. Discussion of treatment focuses on current medical and surgical psychosexual therapies in both the male and female. The book highlights erectile, ejaculatory, and orgasmic disorders in the male; desire, arousal and orgasmic disorders in the female; and an integrated approach to the couple. Lifestyle modifications through diet and exercise and optimization of anthropomorphic characteristics are also discussed, including a holistic approach to these disorders that goes beyond a focus on the genital system alone. Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women: An Interdisciplinary Approach serves as a resource for physicians and researchers interested in sexual medicine seeking a comprehensive overview of the practice and novel research in the field.

Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction
Author: Wayne J.G. Hellstrom
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 606
Release: 2012-12-06
ISBN 10: 1461218489
ISBN 13: 9781461218487
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction Book Review:

An analysis of all the current avenues of treatment with emphasis on multidisciplinary considerations. Select international authorities present in-depth coverage of their areas of expertise, each topic covering the background, anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, classification, and treatment. Part I focuses on the study of male infertility and includes discussions of the basic sciences, office evaluation, laboratory and imaging techniques, and the use of testicular biopsy. This is followed by specialised chapters dealing with immunologic infertility, genital inflammation, reactive oxygen species, medical management, sperm processing and preventive adolescent andrology. Part II reflects a more diverse format in the coverage of sexual dysfunction and includes discussions of androgen insufficiency, nocturnal penile tumescence studies, neurotransmission, penile neurology, premature ejaculation, psychogenic impotence and the latest medical, non-invasive and surgical treatments.

Assisted Reproduction Techniques

Assisted Reproduction Techniques
Author: Khaldoun Sharif,Arri Coomarasamy
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 442
Release: 2012-03-26
ISBN 10: 1444335553
ISBN 13: 9781444335552
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Assisted Reproduction Techniques Book Review:

Assisted reproduction techniques have led to the birth of 4 million babies worldwide Assisted reproduction techniques (ART), in particular in–vitro fertilization and intra–cytoplasmic sperm injection, are the most advanced forms of infertility treatment. They involve numerous counseling, medical, surgical and laboratory–based steps. At each step various problems and complications could be encountered that challenge even the most experienced ART practitioners. Moreover, patients with complex medical disorders may require ART, presenting further challenges. Assisted Reproduction Techniques will stimulate resourceful thinking in the ART practitioner when faced with these challenges. It outlines various management options, the reasoning behind them, and the evidence on which they are based to enable the practitioner to choose the most suitable solution for the needs of each patient. Written by 122 internationally renowned experts, Assisted Reproduction Techniques follows the patient′s journey throughout the whole ART process, with chapters on: Counseling and preparation Ovarian stimulation Oocyte retrieval Embryo transfer The luteal phase The ART laboratory The male patient The ART pregnancy Each of the 100 concise chapters includes clinical cases, background, evidence–based practical management options, preventive measures and key–point summaries of the important details. Assisted Reproduction Techniques gives a wide–ranging practical guide to all those wishing to support couples who cannot conceive naturally.

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy Fifth Edition

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy  Fifth Edition
Author: Yitzchak M. Binik,Kathryn S. K. Hall
Publsiher: Guilford Publications
Total Pages: 576
Release: 2014-03-19
ISBN 10: 1462513891
ISBN 13: 9781462513895
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy Fifth Edition Book Review:

This book has been replaced by Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy, Sixth Edition, ISBN 978-1-4625-4339-7.

Surgical and Medical Management of Male Infertility

Surgical and Medical Management of Male Infertility
Author: Marc Goldstein,Peter N. Schlegel
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 351
Release: 2013-02-28
ISBN 10: 0521881099
ISBN 13: 9780521881098
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Surgical and Medical Management of Male Infertility Book Review:

Written by world-renowned experts, this textbook comprehensively covers the evaluation, treatment and prevention of male infertility.

ABC of Sexual Health

ABC of Sexual Health
Author: John M. Tomlinson
Publsiher: BMJ Books
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2005-02-04
ISBN 10: 9780727917591
ISBN 13: 0727917595
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

ABC of Sexual Health Book Review:

The second edition of this ABC is a comprehensive and newly updated presentation of this important, but difficult subject. This edition takes in new subject areas, including transvestism, lesbianism, HIV and cybersex. It offers explicit guidance on dealing with patients with sexual problems, from taking a sexual history to the physical and psychological issues associated with sexual relationships, including infertility, pregnancy and ageing. Written by leading authorities in the field of sexual health, this book will be a valuable resource for general practitioners, nurses, sexual therapists, students, and all doctors not trained in the speciality.

Psychological Perspectives On Women s Health

Psychological Perspectives On Women s Health
Author: Vincent J. Adesso
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 360
Release: 2013-08-21
ISBN 10: 1135059144
ISBN 13: 9781135059149
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Psychological Perspectives On Women s Health Book Review:

Significant scientific advances have been made in understanding psychological aspects of women's health, and knowledge gained will be of relevance not only to women's health but to the promotion of health and illness prevention and treatment for all individuals. The current cutting-edge research detailed in this volume is intended to stimulate new thinking and research in women's health from biopsychosocial perspectives. Drawing on research from internationally respected experts, topics covered include ageing, stress, heart disease, cancer, drugs, weight regulation and body image, pain, menstruation, sexuality and infertility, and AIDS.

The Psychology of Gender and Health

The Psychology of Gender and Health
Author: M. Pilar Sánchez-López,Rosa M. Limiñana-Gras
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 430
Release: 2016-12-25
ISBN 10: 0128038667
ISBN 13: 9780128038666
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Psychology of Gender and Health Book Review:

The Psychology of Gender and Health: Conceptual and Applied Global Concerns examines the psychological aspects of the intersection between gender and health and the ways in which they relate to the health of individuals and populations. It demonstrates how gender should be strategically considered in the most routine research tasks—from establishing priorities, constructing theory, designing methodologies, in data interpretation, and how to practically apply this information in clinical contexts. The topics covered in its chapters answer the needs of professionals, students, and faculty, providing an up-to-date conceptual tool that covers the relationships that exist between gender and health. The book will not only help users build expertise in psychology in gender and health, but also contribute to the awareness and training of psychologists as dynamic actors in the implementation of the gender perspective in their studies, reflections, research, and health interventions. Offers specific literature on the gender perspective in health and psychology Addresses a broad and diverse audience, and its coverage is uniquely comprehensive Utilizes an intersectional approach to race, class, sexual orientation, nationality, disability status, and age Updates on the pressing concerns of gender violence Covers specific content on transgender and same-sex attracted populations that includes a focus on men and masculinity Deals with hot topics on infertility, immigration, and HIV/AIDS

Mental Health Aspects of Women s Reproductive Health

Mental Health Aspects of Women s Reproductive Health
Author: World Health Organization
Publsiher: World Health Organization
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2009
ISBN 10: 9241563567
ISBN 13: 9789241563567
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Mental Health Aspects of Women s Reproductive Health Book Review:

This book has reviewed the research undertaken on a broad range of reproductive health issues and their mental health determinants/consequences over the last 15 years from both high- and low-income countries. Evidence from peer-reviewed journals has been used wherever possible but has been augmented with results of a specific survey initiated to gather state of the art information on reproductive and mental health issues from a variety of researchers and interested parties. Valuable data from consultant reports, national programme evaluations and postgraduate research work was also compiled, analyzed and synthesized

Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners

Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners
Author: Rowen Bayne,Paula Nicolson,Ian Horton
Publsiher: Wiley-Blackwell
Total Pages: 244
Release: 1998-04-08
ISBN 10: 9781854332561
ISBN 13: 1854332562
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners Book Review:

This is a highly practical handbook aimed specifically at medical and health care professionals. The book begins with an overview of the main issues of counselling and communication looking also at the importance of self-care from both a personal and organizational perspective. Basic counselling and communication skills are followed by their application to specialised settings including sexual health, child health, infertility and rehabilitation.

The Neuropsychology of Men

The Neuropsychology of Men
Author: Charles M. Zaroff,Rik Carl D'Amato
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 236
Release: 2015-09-17
ISBN 10: 1489976159
ISBN 13: 9781489976154
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Neuropsychology of Men Book Review:

This timely text examines normative and pathological brain/behavior connections across the male lifespan, and how these findings can best inform research, intervention, and prevention. It spotlights possible etiologies for male-dominated pathology, including academic deficits and disorders relating to violence, as well as identifying men's psychological resilience and vulnerabilities throughout life. Clinical and social issues are intricately linked here, particularly in areas such as substance abuse, emotion processing, and sequelae of brain trauma. In these ways, the text moves on from the simplistic view of males as the standard in psychological studies while respecting complicated questions about biology and environment that have yet to be resolved. Since the inception of psychology, much research has focused specifically on men but few studies have offered distinctive interventions developed to help this unique male population. This volume fills the chasm left from many seminal studies. Among the featured topics: · Imaging and development: relevant findings in males. · Understanding the neuropsychology of autism spectrum disorders in men. · Understanding disorders of defiance, aggression, and violence in males. · Serving men with traumatic brain injuries. · Men at risk: special education and incarceration. · The neuropsychological basis of emotion and social cognition in men. The Neuropsychology of Men offers neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, and rehabilitation specialists an evidence-based framework for understanding male-specific cognitive and behavioral trends in the normative population, and for identifying and addressing challenges in boys and men outside the norm.

Inconceivable Conceptions

Inconceivable Conceptions
Author: Jane Haynes,Juliet Miller
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2004-03-01
ISBN 10: 1135480362
ISBN 13: 9781135480363
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Inconceivable Conceptions Book Review:

It is over two decades since the first test-tube baby was born. During this period a new belief that all infertile women can now have babies has become widely accepted; indeed, infertile couples may feel great pressure to seek a medical solution. However, the psychological and social effects of the changing experiences of infertility remain confusing, both for those who experience infertility and for wider society. In this book, a distinguished range of contributors, including novelist Hilary Mantel and Germaine Greer, examine the experience of infertility from both male and female perspectives, the psychological aspects of infertility diagnosis and treatment, and the often radical and unexpected effects on kinship. Drawing from a wide range of theoretical backgrounds including Jungian, analytical, and compelling personal reflections, this book aims to unravel the implications of advancing reproductive technology for our understanding of ourselves and our families.

The Psychosomatic Assessment

The Psychosomatic Assessment
Author: Fava,Giovanni Andrea Fava,N. Sonino,T. N. Wise
Publsiher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
Total Pages: 246
Release: 2012
ISBN 10: 380559853X
ISBN 13: 9783805598538
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Psychosomatic Assessment Book Review:

Expands and refines the psychosomatic approach in clinical practice Psychosomatic medicine has developed methods to increase diagnostic accuracy and improve targeted therapeutic approaches in all fields of medicine. In this context, clinimetrics, the science of clinical measurements, provides unprecedented opportunities for psychosomatic assessment. This volume illustrates how this approach can be translated into everyday practice complementing and improving the medical interview. The most sensitive and reliable clinical methods are presented for evaluating specific psychosocial aspects of disease, i.e. childhood adversities, life events and chronic stress, lifestyle, sexual function, subclinical and affective disturbances, personality, illness behavior, well-being and family dynamics. Each chapter provides practical illustrations as to how crucial information can be obtained with specific methods individualized according to the patients' needs. A hyperlink is provided to a website that contains many of the instruments assessed in the volume. This book enables the reader to understand the value of the psychosomatic approach in clinical practice. It is intended to expand and refine the skills of clinicians who work in general and specialized medicine and psychiatry, whether physicians, psychologists or other health professionals.

Psychological Perspectives on Women s Health

Psychological Perspectives on Women s Health
Author: Vincent J. Adesso,Diane M. Reddy
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 360
Release: 1994
ISBN 10: 9781560323358
ISBN 13: 1560323353
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Psychological Perspectives on Women s Health Book Review:

An overview of psychological and psychobiological work on a number of contemporary issues relating to women's health. Each chapter focuses on a particular area - stress, cancer detection, cardiovascular illness and substance abuse - examining treatment and methodological issues.

What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex

What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex
Author: Stephanie Buehler, PsyD, CST-S
Publsiher: Springer Publishing Company
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2013-07-29
ISBN 10: 0826171222
ISBN 13: 9780826171221
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex Book Review:

Although sexual issues frequently arise in therapeutic practice, mental health professionals are often uncomfortable and poorly equipped to address them. Written by an author who is both a psychologist and sex therapist, this practical guide provides information, tools, and exercises to increase the confidence and comfort of the mental health professional called upon to treat sexual issues during the course of therapy. The book is based on the premise that the therapist must be comfortable with his or her own sexuality in order to offer appropriate treatment. This guide discusses the characteristics of healthy sexuality-for both client and therapist-and explores the reasons that may underlie a therapist's discomfort with addressing sexual issues. Using case studies and sample dialogues, it covers a multitude of common and unusual sexual problems, couple's issues, questions that parents may have about sex, working with LGBT clients, sex for survivors of trauma, sexuality and aging, sexual pain disorders, and how to assess whether more extensive sexual therapy is needed. The guide demonstrates how therapists in different modalities can incorporate treatment of sexual problems into their practice, and covers relevant ethical issues. Included is a downloadable set of practitioner's resources that includes worksheets and client handouts that can be immediately put to use. Additionally, the book provides resources for more in-depth information and discusses collaboration with other health professionals. Key Features: Discusses how to comfortably and effectively discuss, assess, and treat clients' sexual concerns Supported by case studies and therapist/clinician dialogues Includes "Step Into My Office" sidebars taken from the author's own experience Provides downloadable resources including assessments, worksheets, and client handouts

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine E Book

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine E Book
Author: Beth Alder,Edwin van Teijlingen,Michael Porter
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2011-11-29
ISBN 10: 0702048208
ISBN 13: 9780702048203
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine E Book Book Review:

This textbook in the Illustrated Colour Text series offers an integrated treatment of sociology and psychology for medical students. It is presented in a much more colourful and graphic format than is usual for books on these two subjects. This integration reflects the tendency to teach these two subjects together as “behavioural science , with an increased stress on the place of medicine in society, and on illness as a product of psychological and social circumstances rather than merely a biological phenomenon. The book reflects these trends and has been successful and popular with students. An integrated treatment of psychology and sociology for medical students - in line with the trend towards teaching these subjects as “behavioural sciences“. Use of case studies and Stop/Think boxes encourages critical thinking and discussion. Graphic Illustrated Colour Text presentation style enlivens a subject which most medical students are not keen on. This third edition contains a new introduction on the importance and key features of the biopsychosocial model and additional double-page spreads on International Health and Rural Health.