Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are
Author: Mem Fox
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 28
Release: 2007
ISBN 10: 9780152060664
ISBN 13: 0152060669
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whoever You Are Book Review:

Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join humanity together, such as pain, joy, and love. On board pages.

Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are
Author: Mem Fox
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2006
ISBN 10: 9780152060305
ISBN 13: 0152060308
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whoever You Are Book Review:

Despite the differences between people around the world, there are things in common, such as pain, joy, and love.

Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are
Author: Mem Fox
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2001
ISBN 10: 9780152164065
ISBN 13: 0152164065
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whoever You Are Book Review:

Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join us together, such as pain, joy, and love.

Come Out Come Out Whoever You Are

Come Out  Come Out  Whoever You Are
Author: Abigail C. Saguy
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2020-01-15
ISBN 10: 0190931671
ISBN 13: 9780190931674
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Come Out Come Out Whoever You Are Book Review:

While people used to conceal the fact that they were gay or lesbian to protect themselves from stigma and discrimination, it is now commonplace for people to "come out" and encourage others to do so as well. Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are systematically examines how coming out has moved beyond gay and lesbian rights groups and how different groups wrestle with the politics of coming out in their efforts to resist stigma and enact social change. It shows how different experiences and disparate risks of disclosure shape these groups' collective strategies. Through scores of interviews with LGBTQ+ people, undocumented immigrant youth, fat acceptance activists, Mormon fundamentalist polygamists, and sexual harassment lawyers and activists in the era of the #MeToo movement, Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are explains why so many different groups gravitate toward the term coming out. By focusing on the personal and political resonance of coming out, it provides a novel way to understand how identity politics work in America today.

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins
Author: Annette Simmons
Publsiher: AMACOM
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2007-05-09
ISBN 10: 0814400841
ISBN 13: 9780814400845
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins Book Review:

Stories have tremendous power. They can persuade, promote empathy, and provoke action. Better than any other communication tool, stories explain who you are, what you want...and why it matters. In presentations, department meetings, over lunch-any place you make a case for new customers, more business, or your next big idea-you'll have greater impact if you have a compelling story to relate. Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins will teach you to narrate personal experiences as well as borrowed stories in a way that demonstrates authenticity, builds emotional connections, inspires perseverance, and stimulates the imagination. Fully updated and more practical than ever, the second edition reveals how to use storytelling to: Capture attention * Motivate listeners * Gain trust * Strengthen your argument * Sway decisions * Demonstrate authenticity and encourage transparency * Spark innovation * Manage uncertainty * And more Complete with examples, a proven storytelling process and techniques, innovative applications, and a new appendix on teaching storytelling, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins hands you the tools you need to get your message across-and connect successfully with any audience.

Wherever You Are Whoever You Are

Wherever You Are  Whoever You Are
Author: Sandra Martin
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 22
Release: 2021-08-23
ISBN 10: 9781737371021
ISBN 13: 1737371022
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Wherever You Are Whoever You Are Book Review:

"Wherever You Are, Whoever You Are" is a children's book that focuses on reminding children to be kind and the importance of being kind. The book explains to children that they have superpowers and their superpowers are love and kindness. It is full of color with words that rhyme on every page. The book also includes light humor and geographical elements. The book is modern and includes emojis. Gratitude is expressed to Jesus on the dedication page and the book can easily be added to any Christian book section.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Author: Lester Kaufman,Jane Straus
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2021-04-16
ISBN 10: 1119652847
ISBN 13: 9781119652847
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Book Review:

The bestselling workbook and grammar guide, revised and updated! Hailed as one of the best books around for teaching grammar, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation includes easy-to-understand rules, abundant examples, dozens of reproducible quizzes, and pre- and post-tests to help teach grammar to middle and high schoolers, college students, ESL students, homeschoolers, and more. This concise, entertaining workbook makes learning English grammar and usage simple and fun. This updated 12th edition reflects the latest updates to English usage and grammar, and includes answers to all reproducible quizzes to facilitate self-assessment and learning. Clear and concise, with easy-to-follow explanations, offering "just the facts" on English grammar, punctuation, and usage Fully updated to reflect the latest rules, along with even more quizzes and pre- and post-tests to help teach grammar Ideal for students from seventh grade through adulthood in the US and abroad For anyone who wants to understand the major rules and subtle guidelines of English grammar and usage, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation offers comprehensive, straightforward instruction.

Wherever You Go There You Are

Wherever You Go  There You Are
Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Publsiher: Hachette Books
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2009-07-01
ISBN 10: 1401394671
ISBN 13: 9781401394677
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Wherever You Go There You Are Book Review:

No matter how busy you are, find quiet reflective moments in your life—and reduce your stress levels drastically—with this classic bestselling guide from a mindfulness expert. When Wherever You Go, There You Are was first published in 1994, no one could have predicted that the book would launch itself onto bestseller lists nationwide and sell over 750,000 copies to date. Ten years later, the book continues to change lives. In honor of the book's 10th anniversary, Hyperion is proud to be releasing the book with a new afterword by the author, and to share this wonderful book with an even larger audience.

Falling for a Korean Whoever You Are Love Just Happens

Falling for a Korean  Whoever You Are  Love Just Happens
Author: Madhumitha D. J.
Publsiher: Notion Press
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2020-02-20
ISBN 10: 9781648281990
ISBN 13: 1648281990
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Falling for a Korean Whoever You Are Love Just Happens Book Review:

Falling for a Korean ..is a Story of love between an Indian girl and a Korean Guy.Does running away from your situations make you get something you never expected Here the Female Protagonist Maya, runs out of the country to escape her hardship in her career and her heart break!She ends up facing another situation where she needs to prove herself and succeed!She bumps into the male protagonist Park who is a challenge for her new situation.Getting caught between heartbreak and a pain relieving vacation turning into another challenge, Will she find peace and success in a new land of culture and language and a new set of people To know more..read it.

How to Suffer Outside

How to Suffer Outside
Author: Diana Helmuth
Publsiher: Mountaineers Books
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2021-09-01
ISBN 10: 1680513125
ISBN 13: 9781680513127
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

How to Suffer Outside Book Review:

Refreshingly approachable guide for aspiring backpackers and casual hikers of all stripes Colorful and humorous illustrations throughout Relatable, rising female voice in outdoor literature Part critique of modern hiking culture and part how-to guide, How to Suffer Outside is for anyone who wants to hit the trail without breaking the bank. Diana Helmuth offers real advice, opinionated but accessible and based on in-the-field experiences. She wins readers’ hearts and trust through a blend of self-deprecating humor and good-natured heckling of both seasoned backpackers and urbanites who romanticize being outdoorsy, plus a helpful dose of the actual advice a novice needs to get started. Featuring illustrations by artist Latasha Dunston, each chapter focuses on a critical topic: gear, food, hygiene, clothing, and more, along with useful checklists and resources. Humorous, philosophical, and practical, How to Suffer Outside teaches casual walkers, hikers, and campers of all stripes how to venture outdoors with confidence.

Goodnight Star Whoever You Are

Goodnight Star  Whoever You Are
Author: Jodi Meltzer Darter
Publsiher: Mascot Books
Total Pages: 38
Release: 2021-10-26
ISBN 10: 9781645438977
ISBN 13: 164543897X
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Goodnight Star Whoever You Are Book Review:

One fateful night, a child notices a magnificent star that looks like it's following him during a car ride home from the beach. When he asks his mom about it, she gives him a textbook explanation at first, and then makes him think twice. Heartfelt and reassuring, Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are helps kids cope with grief, loss, and longing in an enchanting way, sparking meaningful conversations about the everlasting power of love. With an imaginative point of view, kids will discover that the connection they share with the person or pet who died transcends the space between them. Children can reflect on their unbreakable bond with an "I Remember" page at the end of this delightfully illustrated picture book, providing comfort during trying times.

We Are Anonymous

We Are Anonymous
Author: Parmy Olson
Publsiher: Little, Brown
Total Pages: 512
Release: 2012-06-05
ISBN 10: 0316213535
ISBN 13: 9780316213530
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

We Are Anonymous Book Review:

A thrilling, exclusive expose of the hacker collectives Anonymous and LulzSec. WE ARE ANONYMOUS is the first full account of how a loosely assembled group of hackers scattered across the globe formed a new kind of insurgency, seized headlines, and tortured the feds-and the ultimate betrayal that would eventually bring them down. Parmy Olson goes behind the headlines and into the world of Anonymous and LulzSec with unprecedented access, drawing upon hundreds of conversations with the hackers themselves, including exclusive interviews with all six core members of LulzSec. In late 2010, thousands of hacktivists joined a mass digital assault on the websites of VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal to protest their treatment of WikiLeaks. Other targets were wide ranging-the websites of corporations from Sony Entertainment and Fox to the Vatican and the Church of Scientology were hacked, defaced, and embarrassed-and the message was that no one was safe. Thousands of user accounts from pornography websites were released, exposing government employees and military personnel. Although some attacks were perpetrated by masses of users who were rallied on the message boards of 4Chan, many others were masterminded by a small, tight-knit group of hackers who formed a splinter group of Anonymous called LulzSec. The legend of Anonymous and LulzSec grew in the wake of each ambitious hack. But how were they penetrating intricate corporate security systems? Were they anarchists or activists? Teams or lone wolves? A cabal of skilled hackers or a disorganized bunch of kids? WE ARE ANONYMOUS delves deep into the internet's underbelly to tell the incredible full story of the global cyber insurgency movement, and its implications for the future of computer security.

Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are
Author: Nancy Tillman
Publsiher: Feiwel & Friends
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2010-09-14
ISBN 10: 9781429995535
ISBN 13: 142999553X
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Wherever You Are Book Review:

. . . I wanted you more than you'll ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go. . . . Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It's the one thing they can carry with them each and every day. If love could take shape it might look something like these heartfelt words and images from the inimitable Nancy Tillman. Wherever You Are is a book to share with your loved ones, no matter how near or far, young or old, they are.

Feathers and Fools

Feathers and Fools
Author: Mem Fox
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 36
Release: 2000
ISBN 10: 9780152023652
ISBN 13: 0152023658
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Feathers and Fools Book Review:

A modern fable about some peacocks and swans who allow the fear of their differences to become so great that they end up destroying each other.

Girl Woman Other

Girl  Woman  Other
Author: Bernardine Evaristo
Publsiher: Grove Press
Total Pages: 464
Release: 2019-11-05
ISBN 10: 0802156991
ISBN 13: 9780802156990
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Girl Woman Other Book Review:

NATIONAL BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE “A must-read about modern Britain and womanhood . . . An impressive, fierce novel about the lives of black British families, their struggles, pains, laughter, longings and loves . . . Her style is passionate, razor-sharp, brimming with energy and humor. There is never a single moment of dullness in this book and the pace does not allow you to turn away from its momentum.” —Booker Prize Judges Bernardine Evaristo is the winner of the 2019 Booker Prize and the first black woman to receive this highest literary honor in the English language. Girl, Woman, Other is a magnificent portrayal of the intersections of identity and a moving and hopeful story of an interconnected group of Black British women that paints a vivid portrait of the state of contemporary Britain and looks back to the legacy of Britain’s colonial history in Africa and the Caribbean. The twelve central characters of this multi-voiced novel lead vastly different lives: Amma is a newly acclaimed playwright whose work often explores her Black lesbian identity; her old friend Shirley is a teacher, jaded after decades of work in London’s funding-deprived schools; Carole, one of Shirley’s former students, is a successful investment banker; Carole’s mother Bummi works as a cleaner and worries about her daughter’s lack of rootedness despite her obvious achievements. From a nonbinary social media influencer to a 93-year-old woman living on a farm in Northern England, these unforgettable characters also intersect in shared aspects of their identities, from age to race to sexuality to class. Sparklingly witty and filled with emotion, centering voices we often see othered, and written in an innovative fast-moving form that borrows technique from poetry, Girl, Woman, Other is a polyphonic and richly textured social novel that shows a side of Britain we rarely see, one that reminds us of all that connects us to our neighbors, even in times when we are encouraged to be split apart.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be
Author: Emily Winfield Martin
Publsiher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2015-08-25
ISBN 10: 0375982183
ISBN 13: 9780375982187
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Wonderful Things You Will Be Book Review:

The New York Times bestseller that celebrates the dreams, acceptance, and love that parents have for their children . . . now and forever. This is the perfect heartfelt gift for any special occasion, from birthdays to graduations, and celebrating new babies and other new beginnings. From brave and bold to creative and clever, Emily Winfield Martin's rhythmic rhyme expresses all the loving things that parents think of when they look at their children. With beautiful, lush illustrations and a stunning gatefold that opens at the end, this is a book that families will love reading over and over. The Wonderful Things You Will Be has a loving and truthful message that will endure for lifetimes and makes a great gift to the ones you love for any occasion.

You Are a Badass

You Are a Badass
Author: Jen Sincero
Publsiher: Running Press Adult
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2013-04-23
ISBN 10: 0762448318
ISBN 13: 9780762448319
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

You Are a Badass Book Review:

Packed with humor, inspiration, and advice, You Are a Badass is the #1 New York Times bestselling self-help book that teaches you how to get better without getting busted. In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and world-traveling success coach, Jen Sincero, serves up twenty-seven bite-sized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word, helping you to: Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want, Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW, and Make some damn money already. The kind you've never made before. By the end of You Are a Badass, you'll understand why you are how you are, how to love what you can't change, how to change what you don't love, and how to use The Force to kick some serious ass.

Possum Magic

Possum Magic
Author: Mem Fox
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 32
Release: 1983
ISBN 10: 9780152005726
ISBN 13: 0152005722
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Possum Magic Book Review:

When Grandma Poss's magic turns Hush invisible, the two possums take a culinary tour of Australia to find the food that will make her visible once more.

Today Means Amen

Today Means Amen
Author: Sierra DeMulder
Publsiher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2016-02-02
ISBN 10: 1449478581
ISBN 13: 9781449478582
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Today Means Amen Book Review:

Dear you: Whoever you are, However you got here, This is exactly where you are supposed to be. This moment has waited its whole life for you. These are the opening lines of "Today Means Amen," YouTube star Sierra deMulder’s immensely powerful and virally popular poem, which lends its title to this collection. Like her fellow Millennial poets Tyler Knot Gregson, Clementine von Radics, and Lang Leav, Sierra has the gift of speaking directly to the reader. “Today Means Amen” has become an anthem of sorts to thousands, who find themselves reflected in its pain, its fierceness, its tenderness — but also in its triumphant culminating refrain: You made it You made it You made it Here. The poems in Sierra's new book explore the rocky terrains of love, family, and womanhood with this same remarkable honesty and generosity. Today Means Amen brings this important young poet's work to an even broader audience.

Being Jesus in Nashville

Being Jesus in Nashville
Author: Jim Palmer
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 188
Release: 2012-03-07
ISBN 10: 9781469758312
ISBN 13: 1469758318
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Being Jesus in Nashville Book Review:

Author and former pastor Jim Palmer should be dead. Over the course of a year that included two near-death experiences, as Palmer set out to disentangle Jesus from the religious machinery of Christianity, he discovered a profound and unexpected answer to the question on his mind: What would Jesus do? Exploring what it really means to be Jesus in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, Palmer learns that Jesus was special not because he was more divine than the rest of us, but because he was courageously more human than most. Unfortunately, this realization crystallized for him while he was hanging upside down in his overturned car, expecting to die. When Palmer was miraculously pulled from the wreckage alive, he emerged with a new courage to embrace his life as never before. In Being Jesus in Nashville, Palmer shares his personal stories, ideas, concepts, and an innovative approach to humanity as he learns that being Jesus means seeing people as they truly are; letting it happen, not making it happen; being at peace, whatever happens; putting no limitations on God; living without separation from God; following your own path; living as everyones neighbor. With spiritual insight and refreshing theological glimpses, Palmer shares how he traded in his Christianity for Jesus and how this brought him closer to God.