The Art of Electronics

The Art of Electronics
Author: Paul Horowitz,Winfield Hill
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 1224
Release: 2015-03-30
ISBN 10: 9780521809269
ISBN 13: 0521809266
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art of Electronics Book Review:

At long last, here is the thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the hugely successful Art of Electronics. It is widely accepted as the best single authoritative book on electronic circuit design. In addition to new or enhanced coverage of many topics, the Third Edition includes: 90 oscilloscope screenshots illustrating the behavior of working circuits; dozens of graphs giving highly useful measured data of the sort that's often buried or omitted in datasheets but which you need when designing circuits; 80 tables (listing some 1650 active components), enabling intelligent choice of circuit components by listing essential characteristics (both specified and measured) of available parts. The new Art of Electronics ​​retains the feeling of informality and easy access that helped make the earlier editions so successful and popular. It is an indispensable reference and the gold standard​​ for anyone, student or researcher, professional or amateur, who works with electronic circuits.

Learning the Art of Electronics

Learning the Art of Electronics
Author: Thomas C. Hayes,Paul Horowitz
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 1150
Release: 2016-03-02
ISBN 10: 9780521177238
ISBN 13: 0521177235
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Learning the Art of Electronics Book Review:

This introduction to circuit design is unusual in several respects. First, it offers not just explanations, but a full course. Each of the twenty-five sessions begins with a discussion of a particular sort of circuit followed by the chance to try it out and see how it actually behaves. Accordingly, students understand the circuit's operation in a way that is deeper and much more satisfying than the manipulation of formulas. Second, it describes circuits that more traditional engineering introductions would postpone: on the third day, we build a radio receiver; on the fifth day, we build an operational amplifier from an array of transistors. The digital half of the course centers on applying microcontrollers, but gives exposure to Verilog, a powerful Hardware Description Language. Third, it proceeds at a rapid pace but requires no prior knowledge of electronics. Students gain intuitive understanding through immersion in good circuit design.

The Art of Electronics The x Chapters

The Art of Electronics  The x Chapters
Author: Paul Horowitz,Winfield Hill
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 522
Release: 2020-01-30
ISBN 10: 9781108499941
ISBN 13: 1108499945
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art of Electronics The x Chapters Book Review:

The Art of Electronics: The x-Chapters expands on topics introduced in the best-selling third edition of The Art of Electronics, completing the broad discussions begun in the latter. In addition to covering more advanced materials relevant to its companion, The x-Chapters also includes extensive treatment of many topics in electronics that are particularly novel, important, or just exotic and intriguing. Think of The x-Chapters as the missing pieces of The Art of Electronics, to be used either as its complement, or as a direct route to exploring some of the most exciting and oft-overlooked topics in advanced electronic engineering. This enticing spread of electronics wisdom and expertise will be an invaluable addition to the library of any student, researcher, or practitioner with even a passing interest in the design and analysis of electronic circuits and instruments. You'll find here techniques and circuits that are available nowhere else.

The Art of Electronics Student Manual

The Art of Electronics Student Manual
Author: Thomas C. Hayes,Paul Horowitz
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 614
Release: 1989-09-29
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: UOM:39015053335074
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art of Electronics Student Manual Book Review:

This manual provides a set of course materials tailored to students' needs, moving quickly where appropriate and slowly on more difficult concepts.

Electronics Cookbook

Electronics Cookbook
Author: Simon Monk
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 458
Release: 2017-03-31
ISBN 10: 1491989300
ISBN 13: 9781491989302
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Electronics Cookbook Book Review:

If you’re among the many hobbyists and designers who came to electronics through Arduino and Raspberry Pi, this cookbook will help you learn and apply the basics of electrical engineering without the need for an EE degree. Through a series of practical recipes, you’ll learn how to solve specific problems while diving into as much or as little theory as you’re comfortable with. Author Simon Monk (Raspberry Pi Cookbook) breaks down this complex subject into several topics, from using the right transistor to building and testing projects and prototypes. With this book, you can quickly search electronics topics and go straight to the recipe you need. It also serves as an ideal reference for experienced electronics makers. This cookbook includes: Theoretical concepts such as Ohm’s law and the relationship between power, voltage, and current The fundamental use of resistors, capacitors and inductors, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits, and switches and relays Recipes on power, sensors and motors, integrated circuits, and radio frequency for designing electronic circuits and devices Advice on using Arduino and Raspberry Pi in electronics projects How to build and use tools, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, simulations software, and unsoldered prototypes

The Art Of Electronics Clpe Student Manual

The Art Of Electronics  Clpe    Student Manual
Author: Paul Horowitz
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 350
Release: 1989
ISBN 10: 9780521689182
ISBN 13: 052168918X
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art Of Electronics Clpe Student Manual Book Review:

This manual satisfies two needs for students and teachers using The Art of Electronics as a text:" It sets forth 23 laboratory exercises that can form the backbone of a one- or two-semester course in electronics, both analog and digital" It supplements the text s explanations of selected topics which have been chosen for their importance to a student, rather than a practitioner who uses the text as a reference. The manual is a product of many years teaching at Harvard University, where the authors have tested and refined both lab exercises and explanations. The result is a set of course materials tailored to students needs, moving quickly where appropriate and slowly on those concepts that students have found most difficult.

Electronics For Dummies

Electronics For Dummies
Author: Cathleen Shamieh
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 432
Release: 2019-11-13
ISBN 10: 1119675626
ISBN 13: 9781119675624
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Electronics For Dummies Book Review:

Build your electronics workbench—and begin creating fun electronics projects right away Packed with hundreds of colorful diagrams and photographs, this book provides step-by-step instructions for experiments that show you how electronic components work, advice on choosing and using essential tools, and exciting projects you can build in 30 minutes or less. You'll get charged up as you transform theory into action in chapter after chapter! Circuit basics — learn what voltage is, where current flows (and doesn't flow), and how power is used in a circuit Critical components — discover how resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors control and shape electric current Versatile chips — find out how to use analog and digital integrated circuits to build complex projects with just a few parts Analyze circuits — understand the rules that govern current and voltage and learn how to apply them Safety tips — get a thorough grounding in how to protect yourself—and your electronics—from harm Electronics For Dummies (9781119675594) was previously published as Electronics For Dummies (9781119117971). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.

The Art of R Programming

The Art of R Programming
Author: Norman Matloff
Publsiher: No Starch Press
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2011
ISBN 10: 1593273843
ISBN 13: 9781593273842
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art of R Programming Book Review:

A guide to software development using the R programming language covers such topics as closures, recursion, anonymous functions, and debugging techniques.

Handmade Electronic Music

Handmade Electronic Music
Author: Nicolas Collins
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2014-01-27
ISBN 10: 131772139X
ISBN 13: 9781317721390
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Handmade Electronic Music Book Review:

Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction for students of electronic music, installation and sound-art to the craft of making--as well as creatively cannibalizing--electronic circuits for artistic purposes. Designed for practioners and students of electronic art, it provides a guided tour through the world of electronics, encouraging artists to get to know the inner workings of basic electronic devices so they can creatively use them for their own ends. Handmade Electronic Music introduces the basic of practical circuitry while instructing the student in basic electronic principles, always from the practical point of view of an artist. It teaches a style of intuitive and sensual experimentation that has been lost in this day of prefabricated electronic musical instruments whose inner workings are not open to experimentation. It encourages artists to transcend their fear of electronic technology to launch themselves into the pleasure of working creatively with all kinds of analog circuitry.

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits
Author: Anant Agarwal,Jeffrey Lang
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 1008
Release: 2005-07-01
ISBN 10: 008050681X
ISBN 13: 9780080506814
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits Book Review:

Unlike books currently on the market, this book attempts to satisfy two goals: combine circuits and electronics into a single, unified treatment, and establish a strong connection with the contemporary world of digital systems. It will introduce a new way of looking not only at the treatment of circuits, but also at the treatment of introductory coursework in engineering in general. Using the concept of ''abstraction,'' the book attempts to form a bridge between the world of physics and the world of large computer systems. In particular, it attempts to unify electrical engineering and computer science as the art of creating and exploiting successive abstractions to manage the complexity of building useful electrical systems. Computer systems are simply one type of electrical systems. +Balances circuits theory with practical digital electronics applications. +Illustrates concepts with real devices. +Supports the popular circuits and electronics course on the MIT OpenCourse Ware from which professionals worldwide study this new approach. +Written by two educators well known for their innovative teaching and research and their collaboration with industry. +Focuses on contemporary MOS technology.

The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design

The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design
Author: Jim Williams
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 416
Release: 1998-08-24
ISBN 10: 9780080499437
ISBN 13: 0080499430
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design Book Review:

In this companion text to Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, and Personalities, seventeen contributors present more tutorial, historical, and editorial viewpoints on subjects related to analog circuit design. By presenting divergent methods and views of people who have achieved some measure of success in their field, the book encourages readers to develop their own approach to design. In addition, the essays and anecdotes give some constructive guidance in areas not usually covered in engineering courses, such as marketing and career development. *Includes visualizing operation of analog circuits *Describes troubleshooting for optimum circuit performance *Demonstrates how to produce a saleable product

Practical Electronics for Inventors Fourth Edition

Practical Electronics for Inventors  Fourth Edition
Author: Paul Scherz,Simon Monk
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 1072
Release: 2016-04-05
ISBN 10: 125958755X
ISBN 13: 9781259587559
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Practical Electronics for Inventors Fourth Edition Book Review:

A Fully-Updated, No-Nonsense Guide to Electronics Advance your electronics knowledge and gain the skills necessary to develop and construct your own functioning gadgets. Written by a pair of experienced engineers and dedicated hobbyists, Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, lays out the essentials and provides step-by-step instructions, schematics, and illustrations. Discover how to select the right components, design and build circuits, use microcontrollers and ICs, work with the latest software tools, and test and tweak your creations. This easy-to-follow book features new instruction on programmable logic, semiconductors, operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, power supplies, digital electronics, and more. Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, covers: Resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers Diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits Optoelectronics, solar cells, and phototransistors Sensors, GPS modules, and touch screens Op amps, regulators, and power supplies Digital electronics, LCD displays, and logic gates Microcontrollers and prototyping platforms Combinational and sequential programmable logic DC motors, RC servos, and stepper motors Microphones, audio amps, and speakers Modular electronics and prototypes

Hacking The art Of Exploitation

Hacking  The art Of Exploitation
Author: J. Erickson
Publsiher: oshean collins
Total Pages: 214
Release: 2018-03-06
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Hacking The art Of Exploitation Book Review:

This text introduces the spirit and theory of hacking as well as the science behind it all; it also provides some core techniques and tricks of hacking so you can think like a hacker, write your own hacks or thwart potential system attacks.

Copper Electrodeposition for Nanofabrication of Electronics Devices

Copper Electrodeposition for Nanofabrication of Electronics Devices
Author: Kazuo Kondo,Rohan N. Akolkar,Dale P. Barkey,Masayuki Yokoi
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 282
Release: 2013-11-20
ISBN 10: 1461491762
ISBN 13: 9781461491767
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Copper Electrodeposition for Nanofabrication of Electronics Devices Book Review:

This book discusses the scientific mechanism of copper electrodeposition and it's wide range of applications. The book will cover everything from the basic fundamentals to practical applications. In addition, the book will also cover important topics such as: • ULSI wiring material based upon copper nanowiring • Printed circuit boards • Stacked semiconductors • Through Silicon Via • Smooth copper foil for Lithium-Ion battery electrodes. This book is ideal for nanotechnologists, industry professionals, and practitioners.

The Art of Assembly Language 2nd Edition

The Art of Assembly Language  2nd Edition
Author: Randall Hyde
Publsiher: No Starch Press
Total Pages: 760
Release: 2010-03-01
ISBN 10: 1593273010
ISBN 13: 9781593273019
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Art of Assembly Language 2nd Edition Book Review:

Assembly is a low-level programming language that's one step above a computer's native machine language. Although assembly language is commonly used for writing device drivers, emulators, and video games, many programmers find its somewhat unfriendly syntax intimidating to learn and use. Since 1996, Randall Hyde's The Art of Assembly Language has provided a comprehensive, plain-English, and patient introduction to 32-bit x86 assembly for non-assembly programmers. Hyde's primary teaching tool, High Level Assembler (or HLA), incorporates many of the features found in high-level languages (like C, C++, and Java) to help you quickly grasp basic assembly concepts. HLA lets you write true low-level code while enjoying the benefits of high-level language programming. As you read The Art of Assembly Language, you'll learn the low-level theory fundamental to computer science and turn that understanding into real, functional code. You'll learn how to: –Edit, compile, and run HLA programs –Declare and use constants, scalar variables, pointers, arrays, structures, unions, and namespaces –Translate arithmetic expressions (integer and floating point) –Convert high-level control structures This much anticipated second edition of The Art of Assembly Language has been updated to reflect recent changes to HLA and to support Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Whether you're new to programming or you have experience with high-level languages, The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition is your essential guide to learning this complex, low-level language.

Electricians On Site Companion

Electricians  On Site Companion
Author: Christopher Kitcher
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 166
Release: 2017-10-10
ISBN 10: 113483358X
ISBN 13: 9781134833580
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Electricians On Site Companion Book Review:

This book contains everything electricians need to know about working on site, covering not only the health and safety aspects of site work, but also the techniques and testing knowledge required from the modern-day electrician. Regulations issues are included alongside step-by-step instructions for each task, after which testing information, checklists and example forms are given so that site workers can ensure they have done everything required of them.

Electrical Engineering 101

Electrical Engineering 101
Author: Darren Ashby
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2011-10-13
ISBN 10: 0123860024
ISBN 13: 9780123860026
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Electrical Engineering 101 Book Review:

Electrical Engineering 101 covers the basic theory and practice of electronics, starting by answering the question "What is electricity?" It goes on to explain the fundamental principles and components, relating them constantly to real-world examples. Sections on tools and troubleshooting give engineers deeper understanding and the know-how to create and maintain their own electronic design projects. Unlike other books that simply describe electronics and provide step-by-step build instructions, EE101 delves into how and why electricity and electronics work, giving the reader the tools to take their electronics education to the next level. It is written in a down-to-earth style and explains jargon, technical terms and schematics as they arise. The author builds a genuine understanding of the fundamentals and shows how they can be applied to a range of engineering problems. This third edition includes more real-world examples and a glossary of formulae. It contains new coverage of: Microcontrollers FPGAs Classes of components Memory (RAM, ROM, etc.) Surface mount High speed design Board layout Advanced digital electronics (e.g. processors) Transistor circuits and circuit design Op-amp and logic circuits Use of test equipment Gives readers a simple explanation of complex concepts, in terms they can understand and relate to everyday life. Updated content throughout and new material on the latest technological advances. Provides readers with an invaluable set of tools and references that they can use in their everyday work.

Digital Rubbish

Digital Rubbish
Author: Jennifer Gabrys
Publsiher: University of Michigan Press
Total Pages: 225
Release: 2013-04-26
ISBN 10: 0472035371
ISBN 13: 9780472035373
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Digital Rubbish Book Review:

"This is a study of the material life of information and its devices; of electronic waste in its physical and electronic incarnations; a cultural and material mapping of the spaces where electronics in the form of both hardware and information accumulate, break down, or are stowed away. Electronic waste occurs not just in the form of discarded computers but also as a scatter of information devices, software, and systems that are rendered obsolete and fail. Where other studies have addressed "digital" technology through a focus on its immateriality or virtual qualities, Gabrys traces the material, spatial, cultural, and political infrastructures that enable the emergence and dissolution of these technologies. In the course of her book, she explores five interrelated "spaces" where electronics fall apart: from Silicon Valley to Nasdaq, from containers bound for China to museums and archives that preserve obsolete electronics as cultural artifacts, to the landfill as material repository. All together, these sites stack up into a sedimentary record that forms the "natural history" of this study. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics describes the materiality of electronics from a unique perspective, examining the multiple forms of waste that electronics create as evidence of the resources, labor, and imaginaries that are bundled into these machines. By drawing on the material analysis developed by Walter Benjamin, this natural history method allows for an inquiry into electronics that focuses neither on technological progression nor on great inventors but rather considers the ways in which electronic technologies fail and decay. Ranging across studies of media and technology, as well as environments, geography, and design, Jennifer Gabrys pulls together the far-reaching material and cultural processes that enable the making and breaking of these technologies"--Publisher's description.


Author: NAVAS, K. A.
Publsiher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2018-10-01
ISBN 10: 9388028090
ISBN 13: 9789388028097
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL


This book is evolved from the experience of the author who taught all lab courses in his three decades of teaching in various universities in India. The objective of this lab manual is to provide information to undergraduate students to practice experiments in electronics laboratories. This book covers 118 experiments for linear/analog integrated circuits lab, communication engineering lab, power electronics lab, microwave lab and optical communication lab. The experiments described in this book enable the students to learn: • Various analog integrated circuits and their functions • Analog and digital communication techniques • Power electronics circuits and their functions • Microwave equipment and components • Optical communication devices This book is intended for the B.Tech students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Electronics, Instrumentation and Control, Computer Science, and Applied Electronics. It is designed not only for engineering students, but can also be used by BSc/MSc (Physics) and Diploma students. KEY FEATURES • Contains aim, components and equipment required, theory, circuit diagram, pin-outs of active devices, design, tables, graphs, alternate circuits, and troubleshooting techniques for each experiment • Includes viva voce and examination questions with their answers • Provides exposure on various devices TARGET AUDIENCE • B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Electronics, Instrumentation and Control, Computer Science, and Applied Electronics) • BSc/MSc (Physics) • Diploma (Engineering)

A Textbook of Electronics

A Textbook of Electronics
Author: Santanu Chattopadhyay
Publsiher: New Central Book Agency
Total Pages: 510
Release: 2012
ISBN 10: 9788173815249
ISBN 13: 8173815240
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A Textbook of Electronics Book Review:

This is a textbook for the students of Electronic as well as for the students of physics of different universities.