Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Amanda Li
Publsiher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2020-01-14
ISBN 10: 1524860875
ISBN 13: 9781524860875
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

From surviving a plane crash in the jungle to striking against climate change, you won’t believe the incredible stories of the challenges these brave kids from around the world have overcome! Rise Up: Ordinary Kids in Extraordinary Stories features 29 tales of amazing young girls and boys who have achieved the unimaginable. The stories range from triumphing over illness and injury to overcoming bullying. Entries include Sweden's Greta Thunberg, whose youth climate activism sparked a global movement, and Pakistan's Ayesha Farooq, who became Pakistan's first female fighter pilot at age 25. Each incredible story is narrated in an exciting and engaging style, and is combined with visually stunning illustrations by Amy Blackwell. Children can lose themselves in the remarkable true-life tales of ingenuity, courage, and commitment. Practical tips and skills accompany each story, from how to tie useful knots to send coded messages, and how to be more environmentally green to how to survive a shark attack. This useful information provides a springboard for children to apply this knowledge in their own lives. These empowering stories show that no matter who you are, how old you are, and what you do, you can rise to the challenge.

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Crystal Marie Fleming
Publsiher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2021-10-19
ISBN 10: 1250226392
ISBN 13: 9781250226396
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

This urgent book explores the roots of racism and its legacy in modern day, all while empowering young people with actionable ways they can help foster a better world and become antiracists. Why are white supremacists still openly marching in the United States? Why are undocumented children of color separated from their families and housed in cages? Where did racism come from? Why hasn’t it already disappeared? And what can young people do about it? Rise Up! breaks down the origins of racial injustice and its continued impact today, connecting dots between the past and present. By including contemporary examples ripped from headlines and actionable ways young people can help create a more inclusive world, sociologist Crystal Marie Fleming shares the knowledge and values that unite all antiracists: compassion, solidarity, respect, and courage in the face of adversity. Perfect for fans of Stamped: Remix, This Book is Antiracist, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy, and The Black Friend. Praise for Rise Up! * "A clear and damning appraisal of the United States’ long-standing relationship with White supremacy—with actionable advice for readers to do better." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review * "A standout . . . sure to inspire young people to act." —Booklist, starred review "Rise Up! is the invigorating, thought-provoking, eye-opening, and essential book about fighting white supremacy that I wish I had when I was a teen. Crystal M. Fleming writes about tough subjects with authority and compassion, and inspires with a roadmap for how we can change the world for the better." —Malinda Lo, author of Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Al Sharpton
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 275
Release: 2020-09-29
ISBN 10: 1488077460
ISBN 13: 9781488077463
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

NOW A NATIONAL BESTSELLER WITH A NEW PREFACE BY THE AUTHOR “This man is a gift from God to the world. This book is a gift from Al Sharpton to us. Let’s appreciate them both.”—Michael Eric Dyson Beginning with a foreword by Michael Eric Dyson, Rise Up is a rousing call to action for our nation, drawing on lessons learned from Reverend Al Sharpton’s unique experience as a politician, television and radio host, and civil rights leader. Rise Up offers timeless lessons for anyone who’s stood at the crossroads of their personal or political life, weighing their choices of how to proceed. When the young Alfred Charles Sharpton told his mother he wanted to be a preacher, little did he know that his journey would also lead him to prominence as a politician, founder of the National Action Network, civil rights activist, and television and radio talk show host. His enduring ability and willingness to take on the political power structure makes him the preeminent voice for the modern era, a time unprecedented in its challenges. In Rise Up, Reverend Sharpton revisits the highlights of the Obama administration, the 2016 election and Trump’s subsequent hold on the GOP, and draws on his decades-long experience with other key players in politics and activism, including Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and more. The time has come to take a hard look at our collective failures and shortcomings and reclaim our core values in order to build a clear and just path forward for America. Our nation today stands at a crossroads—and change can’t wait. “Full of history, honesty, and valuable suggestions, Rise Up should be a staple in every home, school and library as an essential primer on civil and political rights in America.”—Martin Luther King, III “If you want to learn how to use your voice to change a nation, you should study closely this man—and this book.” —Van Jones “My Bed-Stuy (do or die) brother has been at the forefront of our battles again and again. From way back in da way back to this present revolution the world is in now, Rev. has been about Black Lives Matter from the jump, also at a time when it was not the most popular or hip thing to be about. I look forward, standing next to him, to see, to witness this new energy, this new day that is about to be in these United States of America.”—Spike Lee Don't miss Rev. Sharpton's new book, Righteous Troublemakers: Untold Stories of the Social Justice Movement in America.

Sit Down to Rise Up

Sit Down to Rise Up
Author: Shelly Tygielski
Publsiher: New World Library
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2021-10-26
ISBN 10: 1608687449
ISBN 13: 9781608687442
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Sit Down to Rise Up Book Review:

An empowering book on propelling profound social change by going inward, from a mindfulness teacher and activist who has turned personal practice into movements The practice of self-care is most often touted for its profound mind, body, and spirit benefits. Shelly Tygielski shows that self-care can also be a powerful tool for spurring transformative collective action. In a winning combination of memoir, manifesto, and how-to, Shelly shares her evolution from a Jerusalem-born child of traditional Sephardic Jewish parents to a middle-class American suburban youth who questioned her faith to a young executive in corporate America. As she used radical self-care practices to manage a serious chronic health issue, she had an epiphany: finding true health and peace is not a solo endeavor but one that lives in connection with others. Tygielski considers herself an unlikely meditator, activist, and teacher. But as such, she is uniquely qualified to speak to all today who wonder, “What can I do?” or, “Will my actions even make a difference?” Tygielski’s work began as “me” work and transformed into “we” work. In Sit Down to Rise Up, she shows that this is possible for all of us.

Rise Up Singing

Rise Up Singing
Author: Peter Blood,Annie Patterson,Kore Loy McWhirter,Pete Seeger
Publsiher: Sing Out Publications
Total Pages: 281
Release: 2004-10-01
ISBN 10: 9781881322122
ISBN 13: 1881322122
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Singing Book Review:

Lyrics and guitar chords for 1200 traditional and modern folk songs.

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Stormzy
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-11-01
ISBN 10: 1529119014
ISBN 13: 9781529119015
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

*A 2018 BOOK OF THE YEAR* ‘An inspirational must-read.’ Evening Standard ‘A very important book.’ Will Gompertz, BBC ‘A motivational, inspirational oral history.’ Nikesh Shukla, iNews ‘Don’t sleep on it... the future is looking #Merky.’ Metro ______________________ ‘It’s been a long time coming, I swear...’ In four years Stormzy has risen from one of the most promising musicians of his generation to a spokesperson for a generation. Rise Up is the story of how he got there. It’s a story about faith and the ideas worth fighting for. It’s about knowing where you’re from, and where you’re going. It’s about following your dreams without compromising who you are. Featuring never-before-seen photographs, lyrics and contributions from Team #Merky, Rise Up is the #Merky story, and the record of a journey unlike any other. ______________________ Edited and Co-written by Jude Yawson Contributions by Team #Merky Images by Kaylum Dennis

Burn Down Rise Up

Burn Down  Rise Up
Author: Vincent Tirado
Publsiher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2022-05-03
ISBN 10: 1728246016
ISBN 13: 9781728246017
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Burn Down Rise Up Book Review:

Mysterious disappearances. An urban legend rumored to be responsible. And one group of friends determined to save their city at any cost. Stranger Things meets Jordan Peele in this utterly original debut from an incredible new voice. For over a year, the Bronx has been plagued by sudden disappearances that no one can explain. Sixteen-year-old Raquel does her best to ignore it. After all, the police only look for the white kids. But when her crush Charlize's cousin goes missing, Raquel starts to pay attention—especially when her own mom comes down with a mysterious illness that seems linked to the disappearances. Raquel and Charlize team up to investigate, but they soon discover that everything is tied to a terrifying urban legend called the Echo Game. The game is rumored to trap people in a sinister world underneath the city, and the rules are based on a particularly dark chapter in New York's past. And if the friends want to save their home and everyone they love, they will have to play the game and destroy the evil at its heart—or die trying.

Rise Up My Beloved

Rise Up My Beloved
Author: Sonia Gwen Crane,Sonia McLeod
Publsiher: Xulon Press
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2008-07-01
ISBN 10: 1606470027
ISBN 13: 9781606470022
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up My Beloved Book Review:

All hell was raging against my mind. I needed some time alone with the Lord and to just be alone, away from everyone. I needed to calm myself down. The only solace I could find was in a washroom. In that little cubicle, totally at the end of myself, I surrendered to His will. Nothing else mattered at this point except what He wanted. Knowing I was in my Heavenly Father 's hand, I cried Lord by obedience I will go. Give me your words to say. Help me Lord! Sonia McLeod, a former alcoholic and drug addict, shares the miraculous story of how God delivered her from a street life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Hear the heart of this woman as she takes us through a journey of faith amidst great tragedy, heartbreak, and betrayal. Cast aside by friends, family, and finally by her husband, she emerges from the ashes of ruin and rejection in the arms of her true lover, Jesus Christ. I was not going to give up and die, but it was time to RISE UP in JESUS! If God can do this in Sonia 's life, He can do it in others. Pray for this book. It will touch many lives. Reverend Ernie & Shirley Linklater, Full Gospel Aboriginal Ministries, Canada Sonia McLeod, a member of the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada, is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Since the writing of this book she has pursued studies in Social Work, gotten married, and is working on reaching First Nation and indigenous communities across Canada and the world. Derek and Sonia McLeod are both ordained ministers and are the founders of His Beloved Remnant Ministries. They are currently working on establishing The House of Rahab, a Christ-based rehabilitation center for troubled women. Website: www.riseupmybeloved.com

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Moira Kucaba
Publsiher: Kate Butler Books
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2018-11-29
ISBN 10: 9781948927307
ISBN 13: 1948927306
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

Rise Up Planner. To dream. plan. hustle. win.

Rise Up and Write It

Rise Up and Write It
Author: Nandini Ahuja
Publsiher: HarperFestival
Total Pages: 48
Release: 2021-01-05
ISBN 10: 9780063029590
ISBN 13: 0063029596
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up and Write It Book Review:

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Sylvia Rose
Publsiher: InterVarsity Press
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2004-06-09
ISBN 10: 9780830832125
ISBN 13: 0830832122
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

Sylvia Rose draws on her own rich experience and that of others to challenge African American women to stand up and follow God's call into leadership.

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Brenda Epperson-Moore
Publsiher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2021-03-25
ISBN 10: 1725294265
ISBN 13: 9781725294264
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

Rise Up! is a book about joy, a deep inner joy one can never achieve without God's grace and mercy. By the time you've reached the end of this book, you will be able to identify what's holding you back, and move forward to reach solutions in your life. You will build your faith, breaking chains, and the negative ideas you have about yourself will no longer have a stronghold over your life. Those thoughts and lies will be replaced with the powerful truth of who you are and joy will begin to rise up inside of you. You will receive practical tools and biblical principles that will ignite a new flame of hope in your life.

Rise Up The Art of Protest

Rise Up  The Art of Protest
Author: Jo Rippon
Publsiher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2020-03-03
ISBN 10: 1623541506
ISBN 13: 9781623541507
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up The Art of Protest Book Review:

Celebrate the right to resist! Human rights belong to every single one of us, but they are often under threat. Developed in collaboration with Amnesty International, Rise Up! encourages young people to engage in peaceful protest and stand up for freedom. Photographs of protest posters celebrate the ongoing fight for gender equality, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, refugee and immigrant rights, peace, and the environment.


Publsiher: Notion Press
Total Pages: 124
Release: 2020-11-03
ISBN 10: 1636335535
ISBN 13: 9781636335537
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

RISE UP Book Review:

It’s easier to stay mediocre than evolve. It’s not that most people wake up every day and declare, “Today is going to suck!” Most people have tried to evolve in some way. The problem is, once they fail, they quickly give up and settle into their mediocrity. They tried improving, it didn’t go as planned, so they gave up. It’s easier to stay mediocre than face the pain of attempting and failing. “Most people knock on the door of their dreams once, then run away before anyone has a chance to open the door. But if you keep knocking, persistently and endlessly, eventually, the door will open.” It’s easier to quit. It’s what most people do. But here’s a secret most people stewing in mediocrity don’t realize: It’s actually harder to live in mediocrity than work towards greatness. We all have a light within us. You are already born with the qualities you will need to get everything you have ever wanted. You may be more powerful than you realize. When this power is properly focused, you will achieve greatness in any aspect of life. Now it’s time to revisit what you once knew. Don’t worry: it’s still with you, waiting to be rediscovered, harnessed, and directed. You are ready. Your exceptional life is waiting.

Rise Up

Rise Up
Author: Chris Jones
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2018-11-15
ISBN 10: 1350071951
ISBN 13: 9781350071957
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Book Review:

Penned by one of America's best-known daily theatre critics and organized chronologically, this lively and readable book tells the story of Broadway's renaissance from the darkest days of the AIDS crisis, via the disaster that was Spiderman: Turn off the Dark through the unparalleled financial, artistic and political success of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton. It is the story of the embrace of risk and substance. In so doing, Chris Jones makes the point that the theatre thrived by finally figuring out how to embrace the bold statement and insert itself into the national conversation - only to find out in 2016 that a hefty sector of the American public had not been listening to what it had to say. Chris Jones was in the theatres when and where it mattered. He takes readers from the moment when Tony Kushner's angel crashed (quite literally) through the ceiling of prejudice and religious intolerance to the triumph of Hamilton, with the coda of the Broadway cast addressing a new Republican vice-president from the stage. That complex performance - at once indicative of the theatre's new clout and its inability to fully change American society for the better - is the final scene of the book.


Author: Sarah Francis Martin,InScribed,
Publsiher: HarperChristian Resources
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2014-10-14
ISBN 10: 140168016X
ISBN 13: 9781401680169
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Just RISE UP Book Review:

Sarah remembers the exact moment when the relationship between her faith and her entire life came into clear focus. Sitting in her favorite red chair with a comfy blanket and a cup of hot tea, she snuggled in with her Bible and a new book. The book was huge, several hundred pages long, and yet it didn’t intimidate her. Written by the beloved Chuck Colson, How Now Shall We Live? focused the lens of Sarah’s life and spelled out a segregation that she had unknowingly been living with—a segregation between her faith and the rest of her life. She has since come to understand that The Lord designed each and every one of us uniquely and put a dream in our heart that is attached to His agenda for this world. Many of us have felt the stirring in our heart to make a difference with our life, yet we don’t always know how. The key, she found, was to surrender to God’s leading, seek him first, and allow him to do the big things He has planned with our life. In the end, God’s agenda and our dreams and passions will intersect around one very important phrase – a battle cry, if you will – “Make Jesus Famous!” Based on Psalm 145, this invigorating study motivates women to do life differently by making Jesus famous in all aspects of life. Just RISE UP! is a call to get off the couch of complacency, live a life of praise with a humble posture and Kingdom perspective, and step into a life of true purpose. Features include: Verse by verse study of Psalm 145 Snippets of conversations with Sarah’s readers Journaling prompts to help the reader dig deeper Conversation guide for small groups

Women Rise Up

Women  Rise Up
Author: Cindy Jacobs
Publsiher: Chosen Books
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2019-01-01
ISBN 10: 1493417371
ISBN 13: 9781493417377
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Women Rise Up Book Review:

God has gifted women with beautiful and unique calls on their lives. Unfortunately, many never step into their roles because of doubt, discrimination, fear, and insecurity. But in a world fraught with gender and relationship issues, the gifts and voices of women are needed more than ever. In this fully revised and updated edition of her breakthrough book, Women of Destiny, bestselling author and speaker Cindy Jacobs reveals the biblical foundation for women in ministry and leadership. Through sharing her own story, successes, and failures, she speaks to the doubts, fears, and insecurities women have about stepping up and speaking out. She shows how to navigate discrimination with grace, strength, and confidence, and she empowers women everywhere to press into God to discover their unique purpose. Whether you step across the street or into a new role altogether, you can serve God faithfully, love others boldly, and change the world around you.

Rise Up Recount Love

Rise Up  Recount Love
Author: Becky Spell
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2011-12-21
ISBN 10: 9781462071463
ISBN 13: 1462071465
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Recount Love Book Review:

The morning rises to engulf my world revealing the majestic beauty with beams of infinite warmth. So is my love for you. And when the dusk hours approach and the evening sun dims with a heavenly glow, I will hold you close for you are my Forever Love. These words, penned by Tim, share a glimpse of the love shared between Tim and Becky. Author Becky Spell shares her real life stories and adventures and her revelations of Love being the foundations of nearly everything in life in Rise Up, Recount Love. Become engulfed in the laughter, joy, tears, sadness, but most of all, the true meaning of Love in this inspiring work. You will find yourself inspired to live, laugh, and love with all that you are. Learn more about the ministry or contact us at: Tims Gift Inc. 108 Northeast Blvd. Clinton, N.C. 28328 www.timsgift.com [email protected] Tims Gift Clinton on Facebook

Rise Up Singing

Rise Up Singing
Author: Cecelie S. Berry
Publsiher: Broadway Books
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2004
ISBN 10: 0767914686
ISBN 13: 9780767914680
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up Singing Book Review:

An anthology of short fiction, poems, and personal essays by top African-American women shares their experiences as mothers and daughters in their homes and communities, in a volume that includes contributions by Alice Walker, Faith Ringgold, and Maya Angelou. Reprint.

Rise Up and Sing

Rise Up and Sing
Author: Lex Buckley
Publsiher: David C Cook
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2010-07-01
ISBN 10: 1434702189
ISBN 13: 9781434702180
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rise Up and Sing Book Review:

An essential, practical handbook that equips female worshippers to lead worship, work with musicians, pastor a worship team, write songs, and work effectively with their pastor. For women who are called to lead worship—or think they might be—worship leader Lex Buckley offers this essential handbook. Buckley shares from the Bible and from her heart to encourage, empower, and equip female worship leaders, urging them to be themselves and lead with confidence, secure in the knowledge that there is a role for women to lead worship and pastor a worship team. Packed with practical tips and featuring advice from outstanding female leaders and songwriters, such as Beth Redman, Christy Nockels, and Kathryn Scott, this book fills an empty niche, providing aspiring worship leaders with the female friends and mentors they need and probably don’t have.