Come to the Light

Come to the Light
Author: Angie Davis
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2015-07-21
ISBN 10: 1490887512
ISBN 13: 9781490887517
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Come to the Light Book Review:

Angies faith in God and the walk she takes with Him in her daily life is an inspiration to everyone she touches. Her spoken and written words always make for a better day. Sis, you are a ray of sunshine on any day. Andrea Conley, receptionist, animal hospital The author, Angie Davis, has been a friend of mine for thirty years. I have seen her grow in faith and wisdom over the years and learn to share what gifts God has given her. She is a faithful servant of the Lord and is a walking, living, breathing, testimony to how He speaks to her in everyday life. I treasure our friendship and have been blessed by her presence in my life. God has blessed her with the gift of writing, and I pray that her devotions will bless others the way they have blessed me. Pam Heidig, homemaker, artist I read something from Angie Davis every day. She writes devotions from real life experience that reflects a true Christian walk, whether the road is rocky or smooth. To say I receive encouragement from Angie is an understatement. It is obvious God is using her in the lives of others through her writing. Jennifer Lehman, stay-at-home-mom, musician The devotions in Come to the Light are written mostly from events experienced by author Angie Davis, her family, and her friends. She shares this book in hopes that it will encourage your heart and strengthen your faith.

Walks With Buddy

Walks With Buddy
Author: Frank Gray Hill
Publsiher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2018-08-27
ISBN 10: 1641911735
ISBN 13: 9781641911733
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Walks With Buddy Book Review:

This book, Walks with Buddy (and Thoughts on Christ and Church), actually started out as a collection of short stories I submitted to my church's newsletter, the Miles Post. My church's name is Miles Memorial United Methodist, which is located in Norfolk, Virginia. The stories began in 2009 when I became the finance chair at my church. I found that while walking my dog, Buddy, I began having many thoughts about my surroundings, and many seemed to pertain to being finance chair as well as the church. With Buddy by my side, I had many interesting reflections, but I wasn't always sure where they were coming from, as I had never been a very religious person, so I decided the ideas were coming from Buddy himself. I adopted Buddy on September 11, 2008, and I can honestly say he has really changed my life; he has a heart of gold! Nobody has ever been a stranger to Buddy, this being especially true for when my mother was in the hospital as well as the assisted living facility. The love Buddy had for my mother was the same love she had for him. My mother was my inspiration in turning my little stories into a book to honor her. I am using my book, Walks with Buddy (and Reflections on Christ and Church), not only as a fund-raiser for my church but also as a way for everyone to get to know Buddy and maybe be drawn closer to Christ and their own church as well.

Looking for Grampa S Beard

Looking for Grampa   S Beard
Author: Gail Mikolsky
Publsiher: Balboa Press
Total Pages: 36
Release: 2018-02-02
ISBN 10: 1504397339
ISBN 13: 9781504397339
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Looking for Grampa S Beard Book Review:

Looking for Grampas Beard is a heartwarming and often humorous story of grandparents and grandchildren who video chat and discover the power of prayer. Through two special Christmas gifts, the Louie and Ralphie prayer buddies, Ellie and Emma learn the importance of prayer in their lives. Looking for Grampas Beard highlights the teachable moments when a grandparent becomes ill. Read this beautifully illustrated book together and start a family or classroom discussion about themes of family relationships, humor, and prayer.

Buddy s Tail

Buddy s Tail
Author: K. Anne Russell
Publsiher: Katharine Russell
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2011-04-08
ISBN 10: 0982960247
ISBN 13: 9780982960240
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Buddy s Tail Book Review:

Buddy Boutonniere, a big-hearted Standard Poodle, subsists in the bare backyard of a tract home in the desert city of Yucca Dunes. MacKenzie, a Border Collie, and Javier, a Chihuahua, provide Buddy with companionship and bring him food scraps when his neglectful owners forget to provide for him.When Buddy's owners decide to move, Buddy meets a wonderful lady who visits his house with prospective buyers. The poodle's humans try to sell their dog and Buddy goes through a series of unsuitable living situations. The final family returns Buddy to the tract home not realizing the owners are out of town. His only lifeline, MacKenzie, is killed by an evil Hummer driver while bringing him food. Tiny Javier tries to support Buddy with the aid of Dumb Derek, a Rottweiler whose brain is damaged from years of guarding a chemical dump. The two are unable to help the poodle.Buddy dies, but is brought back to life by Sonny, the Good Shepherd. Sonny grants Buddy's wish to go live with the wonderful lady, in return for his promise to go with Sonny when he comes back for him. Buddy has a happy life with the lady and her dog, Skootch. Together they rescue abandoned Leroy and abused Roxanne. Years later, during Skootch's fifteenth birthday party, Sonny comes for Buddy. True to his word, he goes without complaint.Sonny takes Buddy to Haven, the canine paradise, where he is reunited with MacKenzie. Sonny explains the rules in Haven; dogs acquire free will and give up their role of caring for humans. Their only responsibility is to help guide other dogs to Haven. Buddy excels at guiding, but on a mission to bring back a bomb dog from Afghanistan, Buddy breaks the rule and helps a human, the dog's Marine partner. The residents of Haven are furious with the poodle and he is exiled to the perimeter of paradise. There he meets a young girl who has died of cancer and befriends her, another infraction of the rules. He is dragged before the communal tribunal, where MacKenzie defends him. With the help of the marine and the girl, MacKenzie convinces the judges that Buddy is not an offender, but a hero.Buddy's story teaches young readers about the bonds of love and friendship, the role of free will in building character, the importance of responsibility in our lives, especially as it relates to animal welfare, and the acceptance of death as part of life's journey for ourselves and our pets.Parents, teachers and kids can find additional mateiral at http://www.buddystail.comDog characters by Ron Ruelle

Real Nightmares Book 8

Real Nightmares  Book 8
Author: Brad Steiger
Publsiher: Visible Ink Press
Total Pages: 61
Release: 2012-10-01
ISBN 10: 1578594375
ISBN 13: 9781578594375
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Real Nightmares Book 8 Book Review:

Screech! Rattle! and Thump! From blood-curdling whispers to miraculous events, the good, the bad and the frightful unseen presences await you in this latest Real Nightmares compilation. Explore the strange world of the unknown with paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on mysterious secrets and unexplained phenomena. Surprising tales to make you think and shudder. You'll feel a tingle down your spine when you enter the world of Real Nightmares: Phantoms, Apparitions and Ghosts.

Whispers in the Night

Whispers in the Night
Author: Melinda J. Abersold
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 448
Release: 2015-04-15
ISBN 10: 1490875522
ISBN 13: 9781490875521
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Whispers in the Night Book Review:

1. Have you ever been placed in a situation that would require you to compromise your personal convictions? 2. Has God ever entrusted you with mentoring a person that you knew very little about like He did Jenny? 3. Do you believe that you would have complied if it included allowing a stranger moving into your home like Jenny allowed Ruthie to? 4. Have you ever had to reveal your dark past to someone you loved? 5. Has anyone ever tried to purposely manipulate you to their advantage by using your past mistakes? 6. Read Genesis chapter 39. 7. Write a short paragraph on what you have gleaned from chapter 39 or have group discussion. 8. Do you have the misfortune of coming from a broken home? 9. Read John 10:10 and Joel 2:25. Isn’t it wonderful when God restores broken relationships? 10. In the Old Testament of your Bible, what are some of the things that God requires of us? Read Micah 6:8. 11. Once we have repented of our sins and received salvation, what’s required in the New Testament to continue receiving God’s forgiveness? Read Matthew 6:14-15. 12. According to the Bible, Jenny was released from her marriage because of Pete’s infidelity. Read Matthew 19:7-9. Yet Jenny forgave Pete, and she allowed God to restore her broken marriage. Discuss how you feel about this. 13. What two characters in this book do you think operated in God’s wisdom? 14. Read Judges16. Do you think that Buddy had a good analogy when he compared the chapter with his relationship to Ruthie? 15. Do you believe that some people are destined to be together? If you do, would you feel the same if their years were cut short with tragedy like Buddy and Ruthie’s? 16. Do you like the way this book ended? 17. Are you excited about reading book three, Hadassah’s Cry?

Rescued by a Horse

Rescued by a Horse
Author: Cheryl Dudley
Publsiher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2010-09
ISBN 10: 1616081538
ISBN 13: 9781616081539
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rescued by a Horse Book Review:

“A moving testimony to the powerful bond we have with our horses.”—Theresa Peluso, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul

Sacred Sendoffs

Sacred Sendoffs
Author: Sarah A. Bowen
Publsiher: Monkfish Book Publishing
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2020-04-05
ISBN 10: 1948626608
ISBN 13: 9781948626606
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Sacred Sendoffs Book Review:

An elegant manifesto for improving life―and death―for all beings on sacred Mother Earth “After reading Sacred Sendoffs, I find myself living in a more amazing world, populated by a diverse array of unique individuals, each deserving of respect and care.” ― Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life and The Good Karma Diet Combining humorous anecdotes and thought-provoking research, Sacred Sendoffs explores human relationships with beloved pets, wild creatures, animal astronauts, marine life, farmed animals, and other sentient beings. Along the way, animal chaplain Sarah Bowen shares insights for sustaining their lives, honoring deaths, and managing the emotions that arise when we lose an animal we love. While many books focus exclusively on pet loss, animal welfare, or environmental issues, Bowen’s ever curious and playful style takes on all three, revealing their unavoidable entanglement. Sacred Sendoffs helps animal lovers uncover practical actions and everyday opportunities for helping the more-than-human world thrive.

Across The Sea of Stars

Across The Sea of Stars
Author: Joel Ferguson
Publsiher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Total Pages: 262
Release: 2019-10-04
ISBN 10: 1645697029
ISBN 13: 9781645697022
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Across The Sea of Stars Book Review:

Far out across the sea of stars is an inverted universe where space is white and the stars are black. This universe is beyond an anomaly known as the Great Rift, which separates our universe from an infinity of abstract galaxies, planetary systems, and beings totally alien to anything known or imagined on our side of the universe. In this inverted universe is a hideous organism known as Yethla. It is confined to its own universe by the Great Rift until, one day, it finds a way to break through the barrier and enter our side of the universe. This is the story about the NSA2275 mining ship and its crew who leave the Jupiter Perimeter Space Dock in the year 2402 on an exploratory mission to locate a rare mineral in a far distant galaxy. What they find on a desolate planet has been buried for over a million years and will change their lives forever and open their eyes to what is far beyond the sea of stars.

The Warning

The Warning
Author: Davis Bunn
Publsiher: Thomas Nelson
Total Pages: 328
Release: 1998-01-23
ISBN 10: 1418529621
ISBN 13: 9781418529628
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Warning Book Review:

Award winning author T. Davis Bunn's latest novel, The Warning concerns Buddy Korda and the decisions he must make. The result of two weeks of nightmares, Buddy begins to make sense of disjoinged images. They meld together like an image projected on a screen coming into focus. And then, unmistakably, a message. It is coming. Forty-one days The message leaves Buddy dazed and confused. He must decide between sharing this message or jeopardizing his job, family and possibly even his life. And who would listen to this horrific prediction about the economic collapse of America? Through this conflict, Buddy cannot avoid God's call on his life. The futures of people he didn't even know-the future of the nation-were at stake.

Parenting with the Spirit

Parenting with the Spirit
Author: Marlene R. Ellingson
Publsiher: Cedar Fort
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2018-08-14
ISBN 10: 1462129110
ISBN 13: 9781462129119
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Parenting with the Spirit Book Review:

My Prayer Buddy Devotional

My Prayer Buddy Devotional
Author: Janet Holm McHenry
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 105
Release: 2005
ISBN 10: 9780899570662
ISBN 13: 0899570666
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

My Prayer Buddy Devotional Book Review:

"Through scripture verses, devotionals, and quotations from well-known Christian women, provides a weekly focus for praying for your prayer partner"--Provided by publisher.

Prayer and Worship Junior High Group Study

Prayer and Worship  Junior High Group Study
Author: Kara Powell
Publsiher: Gospel Light Publications
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2010-06-14
ISBN 10: 0830754822
ISBN 13: 9780830754823
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Prayer and Worship Junior High Group Study Book Review:

Do your kids see the power and purpose in prayer—or is it something they endure until the "Amen"? What is this "worship stuff" Christians do? Is it just a bunch of people wearing choir robes? Playing guitars? Singing? Prayer and Worship Uncommon Junior High Group Study helps you answer teens' (possibly never-voiced!) questions in ways that make sense for their junior high lives: Help them understand how God answers prayer, what to do when He seems silent, why we keep on praying, hat is worship? how does it all work? Through Scripture study, fun activities, stories and discussion, students will understand the "how and why" of prayer and —in ways that will help them make these two parts of loving God an integral part of their spiritual lives.


Author: El Farrar
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2017-03-15
ISBN 10: 1524625736
ISBN 13: 9781524625733
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Detours Book Review:

Jessie hated leaving California, the ocean, the sand between his toes, the cool surf washing around his feet, and the smell of the seaweed as he tangled it around his shoulders. Hed been learning to body-surf with neighborhood friends and was getting pretty good. All that had come to an end when his dad announced taking that out-of-state job. Why isnt the one you have good enough? challenged Jessie. No one listened. From heaven to hell, Jessie thought. He almost hated his dad for making him change friends, schools, and his home, leaving the wonderful sea behind. He bet the teenagers of the desert never even heard of surfing! Making it worse was changing late in the semester. He wouldnt know anyone in his classes; he thought hed be the new freak! His heart was heavy. Would there be anything good to write?

Life Changing Thoughts

Life Changing Thoughts
Author: Gary W. Smith
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 688
Release: 2009-07
ISBN 10: 1438970587
ISBN 13: 9781438970585
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Life Changing Thoughts Book Review:

LIFE CHANGING THOUGHTS is a book difficult to put down. One moment you will find yourself laughing; the next moment, you find yourself in deep meditation. The book contains thousands of inspiring, life changing, worshipful and humorous thoughts. There are nearly 700 pages with almost 500 different topics categorized alphabetically. Some of the book's topics are God and the Bible, character, faith, fullness, the family and home, leadership, patriotic thoughts, prayer and victorious living. The book even contains great seasonal thoughts for thanksgiving, Christmas and the Resurrection. As a young man, the author began collecting life-changing thoughts for his own personal use. It was not long until he was using the thoughts and poems within his own writings and sermons. Over a thirty-five year period, the collection of inspiring thoughts grew from only a few to number into the thousands. As the collection grew so did the author's ability to compose and write his own thoughts and poems. Many of these are included within this book. The book is a great resource for pastors, teachers, speechmakers, communicators and leaders. You will find the life-changing thoughts beneficial for your own edification and enjoyment. In addition, the book provides you with a wealth of inspiring and motivating thoughts to share with other people. The author hopes you are blessed by reading and sharing these thoughts, as he has been from compiling and writing them. "A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!" (KJV, Proverbs 15:23)

Warrior Spirit Running to the Sound of Gunfire

Warrior Spirit Running to the Sound of Gunfire
Author: James G. Keen
Publsiher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 402
Release: 2002
ISBN 10: 1553953010
ISBN 13: 9781553953012
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Warrior Spirit Running to the Sound of Gunfire Book Review:

Stories of a Special Forces Operator from Grenada to the Middle East to the former Yugoslavia. Based on the author's true life story, that of a Special Forces soldier, and written from a Christian prospective.

G I Who

G  I  Who
Author: Mandy
Publsiher: Abbott Press
Total Pages: 174
Release: 2013-02-13
ISBN 10: 1458207846
ISBN 13: 9781458207845
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

G I Who Book Review:

Twenty-two-year-old Romanian Stefan Babamikyam wants nothing more than to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a G.I. Joe in the United States Army. But with little command of the English language and American culture, Stefan arrives in the United States completely unprepared for what he is about to face. Left to his own devices in a strange land, Stefan soon embarks on a comical journey that tests his inner strength, patience, and perseverance. After he spends a rather frightening night in a strange woman’s house, Stefan finds shelter with another family, who soon introduces him to Father Hannigan, a kindly priest who offers to help Stefan with his English. As Stefan secures a job and settles into his new life—keeping up a steady correspondence with his girlfriend, Tatiana, back in Romania—Father Hannigan takes him to meet an Army recruiter who promises to prepare him both physically and mentally for boot camp. But no one knows that Stefan is harboring a secret that, when it comes to light, may draw the eyes of Army Counterintelligence. G. I. Who? shares the compelling journey of a foreign army recruit as he adjusts to life in America and soon discovers that nothing is ever as easy as it seems.


Author: Shamico J. Winger
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 152
Release: 2013-01-23
ISBN 10: 1481705369
ISBN 13: 9781481705363
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL


In order to defeat debt; you must first face the fact that you are in debt. If you are living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, juggling one bill to pay another and dodging your creditors; you need help taking control of your finances. Ignoring your debt will not make it disappear; you have to face the giant in order to slay the giant. You need to know where your money is going. You need to know how deep in debt you really are. You need to know your debt to income ratio. If you are spending more than you are making; that is a huge problem! You can’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. It is time to become proactive in controlling your finances. It is our responsibility to know where we stand financially. Wisdom is the principle thing; in all our getting we are to get an understanding. Good people sometimes make bad decisions. A few poor choices and bad decisions do not mean we can’t recover. It is never too late to make a change for the better. It is never too late to make a U-turn. Little by little we can be released from the prison of debt. Little by little we can rebuild our credit. Little by little our finances can be restored. God never intended for us to be held captive by debt. He called us to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, lenders and not borrowers. With faith, hard work, tenacity and diligence; we can be restored to our rightful place as lenders and not borrowers. We have to do more than talking, wishing and hoping, “In all labor there is profit, but idle chatter leads only to poverty” (Prov12:23). We have to do the work that is required to get us out of debt and back on the right track. Faith without works is dead! Show your faith by your works. Faith requires action on our part, “For as the body without the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead” (James2:26).Wrong decisions got us into debt; right decisions will get us out of debt. We have to be doers of the Word and not hearers only! Just the thought of budgeting causes stress and anxiety for many people. The task of budgeting can seem insurmountable. We oftentimes have no idea where to begin, so we give up before we ever get started. Little by Little was written to help the average person who doesn’t have a large checking or savings account change their perception of debt, budgeting and saving. If you can change your thinking, you can change your life! Each generation should progressively get better; the only way we can accomplish this is by not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Make the decision today to break the generational curse of debt and poverty from your life. In this book you’ll find easy to use worksheets that will allow you to maintain your budget, track your expenses, build your savings and note your progress. You’ll be encouraged throughout this book by the Word of God. Scriptures are strategically placed to help you stay motivated throughout your journey to becoming financially responsible. Do not despise small beginnings; you didn’t get this deep in debt overnight and you won’t get out of debt overnight. Be patient in the process; we want a permanent change, not a quick fix! May God bless the work of your hands!

Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey
Author: J. D. Salinger
Publsiher: Little, Brown
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2019-08-13
ISBN 10: 0316459992
ISBN 13: 9780316459990
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Franny and Zooey Book Review:

"Perhaps the best book by the foremost stylist of his generation" (New York Times), J. D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey collects two works of fiction about the Glass family originally published in The New Yorker. "Everything everybody does is so--I don't know--not wrong, or even mean, or even stupid necessarily. But just so tiny and meaningless and--sad-making. And the worst part is, if you go bohemian or something crazy like that, you're conforming just as much only in a different way." A novel in two halves, Franny and Zooey brilliantly captures the emotional strains and traumas of entering adulthood. It is a gleaming example of the wit, precision, and poignancy that have made J. D. Salinger one of America's most beloved writers.

Letters to Others

Letters to Others
Author: Laura Tremblay
Publsiher: FriesenPress
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2015-12-03
ISBN 10: 1460268865
ISBN 13: 9781460268865
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Letters to Others Book Review:

In this era of digital communication, sometimes we tell our best stories via e-mail. Laura Tremblay, an astute observer and adventure lover, has collected some of her favourite tales in this volume. Originally sent to friends and family, the anecdotes document the weird and wonderful aspects of both the everyday and the exceptional. The stories are candid, unfiltered, and down to earth. To her, everything is an adventure and her retellings are tinged with her unique sense of humour, thus evoking laughter even at the otherwise mundane. Tremblay’s stories will ring especially true for others who seek adventure and who want to be sure to enjoy some laughs along the way.