Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

Eat Better  Live Better  Feel Better
Author: Julie Cove
Publsiher: Appetite by Random House
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2016-03-01
ISBN 10: 0449016072
ISBN 13: 9780449016077
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Live Better Feel Better Book Review:

Clean up your diet and detoxify your body with the alkaline lifestyle. This beautifully packaged book, complete with more than 150 inspiration recipes and an easy-to-follow four-step program, is focused on long-term health and well-being. Eat your way to better health! In Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better, Julie Cove explains how having too many acid-forming foods in your body creates an environment that can cause inflammation, resulting in everything from headaches to muscle pain to chronic illness. But, she argues, by adapting to an alkaline-based lifestyle you can ward off ill health, aid digestion, eliminate acid reflux and increase your energy. In this beautiful book, Julie gives you everything you need to quickly feel the benefits of the alkaline way of life. In Part I, Julie explains the basics of alkalizing, the science behind the food choices you make and what happens in your body when you eat certain foods. Julie then introduces her easy-to-follow 4-step program. In the first step of the program, Inspire, you ease into the alkaline lifestyle; step 2, Desire, encourages detoxification; step 3, Aspire, helps you dump years of toxins; and finally, step 4, Acquire, shows you how to maintain a balanced alkaline lifestyle with food, exercise and a positive outlook. With the basics covered, Julie then gives you more than 150 nutritionally-balanced, inspirational recipes to get started. With easy-to-find ingredients and simple preparations, these recipes offer a multitude of options for alkaline-balanced eating, including: nourishing smoothies, breakfasts, salads, soups, warm dishes, savory bites and sweet treats. The recipes are easily adaptable and full of flavor, ready for you to mix and match to help you meet your alkaline goals. Julie's personal story of overcoming illness is behind the writing of this book. Now a holistic nutritionist and certified plant-based cook, she is the picture of an energetic, healthy and balanced lifestyle, and she wants to give you the tools to get there, too. Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better is a book that will help balance your body and revitalize your life, and will be your blueprint for improved good health for years to come.

Eat Better Feel Better Live Better A 52 Week Food Journal

Eat Better  Feel Better  Live Better  A 52 Week Food Journal
Author: Nazima Qureshi
Publsiher: Rockridge Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2019-09-10
ISBN 10: 9781641526258
ISBN 13: 1641526254
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Feel Better Live Better A 52 Week Food Journal Book Review:

Eat Better Feel Better

Eat Better  Feel Better
Author: Giada De Laurentiis
Publsiher: Rodale Books
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2021-03-16
ISBN 10: 0593138449
ISBN 13: 9780593138441
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Feel Better Book Review:

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Giada De Laurentiis shares how her unique approach to wellness completely transformed her relationship with food—featuring 100 recipes to boost gut health and immunity and nourish your mind, body, and spirit. This book is the culmination of a ten-year journey. . . . I’ve made a conscious effort to take control of my health because it had finally become impossible to ignore the fact that the choices (or lack thereof ) I’d been making for the past twenty years just weren’t working for me anymore. In Giada’s most personal book yet, she gives you an inside look at her path to wellness and how she maintains a balanced life. Giada walks you through how to select food that can actually make you feel better and curate a personalized wellness routine to support a healthy mind and body. She shows you her own process of reconfiguring her diet to control inflammation—and how you can use the same steps to turn your life around. Giada also includes information on how to use complementary wellness tactics like intermittent fasting, meditation, and other self-care routines to optimize your well-being. Giada devotes an entire chapter to her 3-day reboot—which she follows several times a year—and offers more than two dozen dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free recipes to accompany the plan, as well as a 21-day menu outline that makes good, healthy cooking easy to implement at home. Even though it’s so much more than a cookbook, Eat Better, Feel Better also offers 100 new recipes, ​from Italian-influenced ones like Fusilli with Chicken and Broccoli Rabe and Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Cherry and Red Wine Sauce to her everyday healthy favorites including Quinoa Pancakes; Sheet Pan Parmesan Shrimp and Veggies; Roasted Cauliflower and Baby Kale Salad; and Chocolate and Orange Brown Rice Treats. Eat Better, Feel Better is the perfect jumpstart to wellness.

Eat Better Live Longer

Eat Better  Live Longer
Author: Sarah Brewer,Juliette Kellow
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2018-06-01
ISBN 10: 1465477667
ISBN 13: 9781465477668
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Live Longer Book Review:

Sixty nutrient-packed recipes, an eating plan, and profiles of 20 longevity "wonderfoods" that show you how to choose what to eat--and how to eat--to help you live a long, healthy life. Discover the secrets of long life from centenarians around the world, and explore the 10 simple but meaningful adaptations you can make to what and how you eat to follow in their footsteps. You may not be able to change your genes, but you can transform your diet. Learn how to make smarter choices about foods that can reduce your risk of certain diseases and lessen the effects of others--including profiles of 20 longevity "wonderfoods" and how to cook them for maximum nutritional benefits. A four-week eating plan, with 60 nutrient-packed recipes, reinforces and guides you through the dietary transition; after just 28 days you'll feel renewed and revitalized, and inspired to continue your new healthy eating habits. Use this newfound knowledge in tandem with details on how each part of your body changes as you age and which nutrients you need to support overall health. Eat Better, Live Longer is your passport to longevity.

Feel Better in 5

Feel Better in 5
Author: Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Publsiher: BenBella Books
Total Pages: 391
Release: 2020-09-01
ISBN 10: 1950665720
ISBN 13: 9781950665723
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Feel Better in 5 Book Review:

It only takes five minutes to start changing your life. For good. Everyone wants to be healthy. But thanks to the unceasing distractions in modern life, virtually everyone also struggles to maintain this priority. And thanks to a flood of conflicting opinions and complicated programs, figuring out how to be healthy can be overwhelming. But what if all it took to make a real difference was five minutes of your day? If you've ever struggled to prioritize your health, or started an intensive plan only to stop days, weeks, or months later, it's not your fault—behavioral science shows that most plans simply aren't built to last.​ Already a #1 bestseller in the UK, Feel Better in 5 outlines a daily five-minute plan that is easy to follow, easy to maintain, and requires minimum willpower. From Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, a pioneer in the emerging field of progressive medicine and star of BBC's Doctor in the House, Feel Better in 5 draws on his 20 years of experience, including real-life case studies from his medical practice, to identify simple, effective strategies that will help you become healthier, happier, and less stressed. Inside, discover: • A strength workout that you can do anywhere • Gut-boosting snacks you can eat on the go • Yoga moves to relax and stay supple • Breathing exercises to calm the mind To get healthy and stay that way, you need a program that doesn't force you to shape your life around its demands. Feel Better in 5 gives you a program that shapes itself around your life. It is your daily five-minute prescription for a happier, healthier you.

Eat Better Live Better

Eat Better  Live Better
Author: Robert Bahr
Publsiher: Random House Incorporated
Total Pages: 416
Release: 1982
ISBN 10: 9780895771414
ISBN 13: 0895771411
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Live Better Book Review:

Combines the latest, authoritative information on food and nutrition with illustrated guidance in applying that information, including approximately two hundred economical recipes, weight-loss guidelines, and special diets

Eat Well Move Well Live Well

Eat Well  Move Well  Live Well
Author: Roland Denzel,Galina Denzel
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 434
Release: 2016
ISBN 10: 9781943370023
ISBN 13: 1943370028
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Well Move Well Live Well Book Review:

International wellness coaches Galina and Roland Denzel, authors of The Real Food Reset and founders of have helped many achieve healthier, happier, vibrant living through simple solutions based on small changes to diet, movement, and other physiological things like sleep. Arranged in 52 sections, start where you want and progress from there, whether it's cover to cover, theme by theme, or "choose your own adventure." Get better in a week, by following suggestions on movement, alignment, and walking; fish, fats, and ferments; sleeping, vacationing and working; and bad days, de-stressing, and building a support network.

200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better

200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better
Author: Judith Rodriguez,Claudia Sealey-Potts,Jackie Shank,Jenna Braddock,Kate Chang,Cathy Christie,Shahla Khan,Corrie Labyak,Jamisha Laster,Alexia Lewis,Jen Ross
Publsiher: Fair Winds Press
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2014-09-01
ISBN 10: 1627882219
ISBN 13: 9781627882217
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better Book Review:

Want to lead a healthier lifestyle? 200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better is a collection of healthy choices in eating and lifestyle that can be made throughout the day in any situation! Expert nutritionist Dr. Judith Rodriguez shows you how a series of small steps implemented in your everyday life can be the key to controlling weight and wellbeing. Packed with illustrations, diagrams, step-by-step instructions, quick tips, and expert secrets, you'll have the easiest time making healthy decisions without any difficult jargon or hard-to-follow eating plans. Use the meal planning ideas, savvy food shopping hints, restaurant meal selection guide, and exercise innovative tips as your resource for weight management and an overall healthy life.

Trupps Wholefood Kitchen

Trupps  Wholefood Kitchen
Author: Walter Trupp,Dorota Trupp
Publsiher: Victory Books
Total Pages: 246
Release: 2012
ISBN 10: 0522857957
ISBN 13: 9780522857955
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Trupps Wholefood Kitchen Book Review:

Internationally renowned chef Walter Trupp and his nutritionist wife Dorota bring together their wealth of experience and knowledge in Trupps' Wholefood Kitchen. Based on the latest nutritional research, the book is packed with recipes that use clean, whole and organic foods to promote good health and well-being. Gorgeously illustrated, and with step-by-step instructions, Trupps' Wholefood Kitchen contains over 70 delicious and easy-to-make recipes, from waffles to beef bourguignon, from cider-braised mussels to chocolate tofu cheesecake. Alongside these, the Trupps write about the benefits of natural foods and explain how the food we eat affects our minds and bodies. Replete with handy cooking and ingredient shopping tips and providing many gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, Trupps' Wholefood Kitchen will teach you how to incorporate good food simply and easily into your everyday life and get you on the way to looking great and feeling healthy.

Eat Well Live Well

Eat Well  Live Well
Author: Pamela M. Smith
Publsiher: Siloam Press
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2003-04-01
ISBN 10: 9780884199779
ISBN 13: 0884199770
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Well Live Well Book Review:

It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. You're tired and hungry. It's true -- you didn't eat breakfast. You weren't hungry then. And that cup of coffee and doughnut gave you enough pep to last until lunch. You had a big salad then. Pretty healthy -- all that green stuff, even if you did pour on the dressing. So why are you starved? And where have your energy and concentration gone? Book jacket.

Eat Pretty

Eat Pretty
Author: Jolene Hart
Publsiher: Chronicle Books
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2014-02-25
ISBN 10: 1452132291
ISBN 13: 9781452132297
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Pretty Book Review:

Nutrition is the fastest-rising beauty trend around the world. Eat Pretty simplifies the latest science and presents a userfriendly program for gorgeous looks, at any age, that last a lifetime. Buzzwords like antioxidants, biotin, and omega-3s are explained alongside more than 85 everyday foods, each paired with their specific beauty-boosting benefit: walnuts for supple skin, radishes for strong nails. But healthful ingredients are just one aspect of beauty nutrition. Eat Pretty offers a full lifestyle makeover, exploring stress management, hormonal balance, and mindful living. Charts and lists, plus nearly 20 recipes, make for a delicious and infinitely useful ebook—in the kitchen, at the grocer, and on the go.

Eat Well Live Well Age Well

Eat Well  Live Well  Age Well
Author: Patricia Greenberg
Publsiher: R. R. Bowker
Total Pages: 258
Release: 2019-10-29
ISBN 10: 9780578602721
ISBN 13: 0578602725
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Well Live Well Age Well Book Review:

A guide to living well at any age. Growing old is inevitable and the best way to survive and endure this journey is to live life to the fullest as we move on in years. By following the simple concepts outlined in this book you can dramatically reduce the stress that contributes to energy drain and premature aging. What we perceive to be negative aspects of aging can be countered with strategies to live well, using fun tips and informative solutions for combating age related issues: food choices, medical intervention, lifestyle and emotional behaviors. Scientific research studies also show promising results to stave off the ill effects of an aging body. With a positive attitude, and understanding where you are today, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life and help you feel vibrant in all your days to come.

Eat Better Forever

Eat Better Forever
Author: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2020-12-31
ISBN 10: 1526602792
ISBN 13: 9781526602794
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat Better Forever Book Review:

In Eat Better Forever, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gives you all the tools to improve your eating habits, and therefore your life - permanently. And to help it all happen, he's added his 100 healthiest recipes yet. In this ground-breaking book, instead of promising a gimmicky single-fix solution to the challenge of healthy eating, Hugh extracts the knowledge, advice and healthy habits, from cutting edge research into the obesity crisis, to produce 7 simple strategies that will transform your diet and your health. Starting with the blissfully simple message that we all need to Go Whole, he leads us away from the industrial junk and processed foods that are doing so many of us so much harm and returns us to the real foods that nurture us and keep us well. Everything that follows is clear, believable and achievable. From sorting the good carbs from the bad, learning not to fear fat, and looking after our gut, to renegotiating the foods we call 'drinks' and being mindful of when to eat...and when to take a pause... Hugh guides us to a better way of eating that will last us our whole lives. It's all offered up with reassuring tips and switches that help us act on the vital knowledge he imparts. And the 100 recipes that come with it, and their endless variations, make for a lifetime of healthy eating.

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect
Author: Greg Wells
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2017-04-04
ISBN 10: 1443436941
ISBN 13: 9781443436946
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Ripple Effect Book Review:

In his new book, Dr. Greg Wells offers concrete strategies on how to get better and stay better—not just for a few weeks or a few months, but for life. Optimal well-being is obtained through a commitment to the “holy trinity” of healthy living—eating better, moving better, sleeping better. Together these lead to peak physical performance. With tremendous insight into the physiology of the human body and the reasons mankind has evolved the way it has, The Ripple Effect exposes exercise and diet myths, inspiring you and leading you on a clear path to achieving a health and fitness transformation. With small—and very achievable—daily changes in your life, you'll see the incredible effects of aggregate gains that professional athletes know. You'll learn how: Eating broccoli provides the body with more protein per calorie than eating steak Using one teaspoon less of sugar per day would help you lose four pounds of fat per year Walking for fifteen minutes per day decreases your risk of cancer by fifty per cent Playing games like tennis can prevent Alzheimer’s disease Losing ninety minutes of sleep reduces daytime alertness by nearly a third Replacing an hour of television with an hour of sleep could help you lose over fourteen pounds in a year And much more.

How to Make Disease Disappear

How to Make Disease Disappear
Author: Rangan Chatterjee
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2018-05-01
ISBN 10: 0062846353
ISBN 13: 9780062846358
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

How to Make Disease Disappear Book Review:

A much-needed program to prevent and reverse disease, and discover a path to sustainable, long-term health from an acclaimed international doctor and star of the BBC program Doctor in the House. How to Make Disease Disappear is Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s revolutionary, yet simple guide to better health—a much-needed, accessible plan that will help you take back control of your health and your life. A physician dedicated to finding the root cause of ill health rather than simply suppressing symptoms with drugs, Dr. Chatterjee passionately advocates and follows a philosophy that lifestyle and nutrition are first-line medicine and the cornerstone of good health. Drawing on cutting edge research and his own experiences as a doctor, he argues that the secret to preventing disease and achieving wellness revolves around four critical pillars: food, relaxation, sleep, and movement. By making small, incremental changes in each of these key areas, you can create and maintain good health—and alleviate and prevent illness. As Dr. Chatterjee, reveals we can reverse and make disease disappear without a complete overhaul of our lifestyle. His dynamic, user-friendly approach is not about excelling at any one pillar. What matters is balance in every area of your life, which includes: Me-time every day An electronic-free Sabbath once a week Retraining your taste buds Daily micro-fasts Movement snacking A bedtime routine Practical and life-changing, How to Make Disease Disappear is an inspiring and easy-to-follow guide to better health and happiness.

Eat This And Live

Eat This And Live
Author: Don Colbert
Publsiher: Charisma Media
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2014-05-23
ISBN 10: 1599797739
ISBN 13: 9781599797731
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Eat This And Live Book Review:

From the author of the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling books The Seven Pillars of Health and I Can Do This Diet, along with best sellers Toxic Relief, the Bible Cure series, Living in Divine Health, Deadly Emotions, Stress Less, and What Would Jesus Eat? Dr. Don Colbert has sold more than TEN MILLION books. Improve your health and extend your days with simple food choices Today we have an abundance of options when it comes to the food we eat. But all foods are not created equal. In fact, some food should not even be labeled food but rather “consumable product” or “edible, but void of nourishment.” In Eat This and Live! Dr. Don Colbert provides a road map to help you navigate this often treacherous territory. Based on the key principles for healthy eating in Dr. Colbert’s New York Times best seller, The Seven Pillars of Health, this practical guidebook to food includes “Dr. Colbert Approved” foods and restaurant menu choices, along with helpful tips, charts, and nutrition information that will make it easier for you to stay healthy and lose weight. Now is the time to build the rest of your life on this wonderful pillar of health—living food!


Author: David Robinson Simon
Publsiher: Mango Media Inc.
Total Pages: 419
Release: 2013-09-01
ISBN 10: 1609258614
ISBN 13: 9781609258610
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Meatonomics Book Review:

Stop Being Manipulated by the Animal Foods Industry Stop the meat industry from eating into your wallet. Few Americans are aware of the realities of the economic system that supports our country's supply of animal foods. Yet these forces affect us in ways we can hardly imagine. Though we only fork over a few dollars per pound of meat products at the grocery store, we end up paying much more than that in tax dollar-fueled government subsidies—$38 billion more, to be exact. And that's just one layer of hidden costs. But with the help of sustainability advocate and author David Robinson Simon's Meatonomics, we can come up with informed, lasting solutions. Improve your health, your life—and the world. Animal food producers influence our buying choices with artificially low prices, misleading messages, and heavy legislation and regulation control. But learning how these forces work can help you improve both your personal life and the world in so many important ways. Life-changing foods like those in a plant-based diet will do more than just improve your waistline. The information in Meatonomics can help you save money, lose weight, live longer, boost your health, protect animals and the planet from abuse, and preserve rural communities worldwide. Learn to make better, more informed decisions on what to buy and how to eat. In Meatonomics, Dr. David Robinson Simon uses his excellent truth-finding skills, garnered from his expertise as a lawyer, to show you: • How government marketing is influencing what we think of as healthy eating • Just how much of our money is being burnt through by the meat production industry • What we can do to change ourselves and our country for the better If you were fascinated by sustainable food and healthy eating books like Proteinaholic, Eating Animals, or How Not to Die, you'll be empowered to overcome the meat industry's manipulation with Meatonomics.

Happy Mind Happy Life

Happy Mind  Happy Life
Author: Rangan Chatterjee
Publsiher: Penguin UK
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2022-03-31
ISBN 10: 0241397871
ISBN 13: 9780241397879
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Happy Mind Happy Life Book Review:

THE #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER Happiness is good for your health. Learn how to nurture yours. During his 20 years as a GP, Dr Rangan Chatterjee has seen first-hand how motivation isn't always enough for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's only when we learn how to support our own mental wellbeing and cultivate core happiness that these choices become easy. In his latest book, Dr Chatterjee shares cutting-edge insights into the science of happiness and reveals 10 simple ways to put you back in control of your health. It features real-life case studies and over 20 practical exercises, including lessons on how to: · Treat yourself with respect · Improve your relationship with your phone · Deal with criticism Whether you are at a crisis point or simply want to experience more joy, this book will help you feel calmer, more confident, and able to live your life to the full. THE LATEST BOOK FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF FEEL BETTER IN 5 'A well-researched, personal guide for anyone who seeks a more contented life' MATT HAIG 'No matter how happy you feel, this book will lift you up and make you stronger' FEARNE COTTON 'A joy to read and a simple framework that you can put into practice immediately' DR RUPY AUJLA

Intuitive Eating 2nd Edition

Intuitive Eating  2nd Edition
Author: Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D.,Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
Publsiher: St. Martin's Griffin
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2007-04-01
ISBN 10: 1429909692
ISBN 13: 9781429909693
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Intuitive Eating 2nd Edition Book Review:

We've all been there-angry with ourselves for overeating, for our lack of willpower, for failing at yet another diet that was supposed to be the last one. But the problem is not you, it's that dieting, with its emphasis on rules and regulations, has stopped you from listening to your body. Written by two prominent nutritionists, Intuitive Eating focuses on nurturing your body rather than starving it, encourages natural weight loss, and helps you find the weight you were meant to be. Learn: *How to reject diet mentality forever *How our three Eating Personalities define our eating difficulties *How to feel your feelings without using food *How to honor hunger and feel fullness *How to follow the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, step-by-step *How to achieve a new and safe relationship with food and, ultimately, your body With much more compassionate, thoughtful advice on satisfying, healthy living, this newly revised edition also includes a chapter on how the Intuitive Eating philosophy can be a safe and effective model on the path to recovery from an eating disorder.

Against All Grain

Against All Grain
Author: Danielle Walker
Publsiher: Victory Belt Publishing
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2013-07-30
ISBN 10: 1628601205
ISBN 13: 9781628601206
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Against All Grain Book Review:

Having battled an autoimmune disease the modern-medicine way for many years, Danielle Walker took matters into her own hands and set out to regain her health through the medicine of food. After four years of turning her kitchen into a laboratory for revamping her culinary point of view, Danielle mastered the art of grain- and dairy-free cooking—and improved her well-being, virtually eliminating all her ailments.A self-trained chef, Danielle is the new face of grain-free cooking, tempting foodies of all stripes with her accessible recipes for vibrant Paleo food. Paying homage to the dishes she loved in her pre-Paleo life, she has ingeniously recreated all her favorites without grains or dairy in her first cookbook.Complementing her innovative recipes with elegant photography, Danielle takes you on a culinary Paleo journey that includes everything from quick breakfasts to sinful desserts, with a long list of hearty entrees in-between. And because Danielle knows she's not the only one with a finicky toddler at home, she has included a special section filled with healthy recipes that kids will be eager to eat and moms will be just as eager to serve.These recipes are sure to leave you feeling satisfied and exhilarated, rather than discouraged and deprived. Danielle proves that omitting grains, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar doesn't correlate with sacrificing taste; in fact, just the opposite. This book will show you that you can go against the grain in the culinary world and enter a paradise of gourmet foods with exciting flavors.