Cancer of the Skin E Book

Cancer of the Skin E Book
Author: Darrell S. Rigel,Robert Friedman,June K. Robinson,Merrick I. Ross,Clay J Cockerell,Henry Lim,Eggert Stockfleth,John M Kirkwood
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 720
Release: 2011-06-09
ISBN 10: 1437736149
ISBN 13: 9781437736144
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Cancer of the Skin E Book Book Review:

Cancer of the Skin, edited by Drs. Rigel, Robinson, Ross, Friedman, Cockerell, Lim, Stockfleth, and Kirkwood, is your complete, multimedia guide to early diagnosis and effective medical and surgical treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers. Thoroughly updated with 11 new chapters, this broad-based, comprehensive reference provides you with the latest information on clinical genetics and genomics of skin cancer, targeted therapy for melanoma, the Vitamin D debate concerning the risks and benefits of sun exposure, and other timely topics. A new, multi-disciplinary team of contributors and editors comprised of leading experts in this field offers truly diverse perspectives and worldwide best practices. Broaden your understanding of all aspects of skin cancer—from the underlying biology to clinical manifestations of the disease to diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment—with this easy-to-use, comprehensive, multimedia reference. See conditions as they appear in practice with guidance from detailed full-color images and step-by-step procedural videos. Stay current with the latest advancements and therapies! 11 new chapters cover clinical genetics and genomics of skin cancer, targeted therapy for melanoma, the Vitamin D debate concerning the risks and benefits of sun exposure, and other essential topics. Get truly diverse perspectives and worldwide best practices from a new, multi-disciplinary team of contributors and editors comprised of the world’s leading experts Access the complete text online—including image bank and video library—at

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer
Author: Robert A. Schwartz
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 427
Release: 2012-12-06
ISBN 10: 1461237904
ISBN 13: 9781461237907
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Skin Cancer Book Review:

The skin, uniquely positioned at the interface between the human body and the external world, plays a multifaceted role in the expression of cancer. Primary skin cancer is the most common cancer afflicting mankind and is rising in inci dence, despite the fact that it is often preventable. Besides primary cancer, the skin may show direct and indirect evidence of internal cancer, thus serving as a window to the body for both laymen and physicians alike. In addition, the acces sibility of the skin is useful for the study of carcinogenesis as well as cancer treat ment options. lowe much of my interest in skin cancer to Dr. Leon Goldman, the father of dermatologic laser surgery, and to Dr. Edmund Klein, the father of modern immunotherapy. We, at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute, were indeed for tunate to have a wealth of patients available for study. Many of the illustrations used in this book were of my patients at the Institute, and I kindly thank the fol lowing publications and their respective publishers for allowing me to reuse some of my photographs, most notably: Cancer Medicine (2nd edition), Journal of Surgical Oncology, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Archives of Dermatology, Cancer, and Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology. We are very fortunate in this work to have some of the world's foremost authorities in their areas as contributors, such as Drs. Zackheim, Lambert, J.W. Trimble, J.R. Trimble, Jackson, Crutcher, Mashberg, Wick, Sidell, F. Helm, G.

Take Control of Your Cancer Risk

Take Control of Your Cancer Risk
Author: John Whyte, MD, MPH
Publsiher: Harper Horizon
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2021-10-05
ISBN 10: 0785240411
ISBN 13: 9780785240419
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Take Control of Your Cancer Risk Book Review:

Something everyone has the power to do is reduce your cancer risk, and this book will show you just how easy it is to do it. Each year, over a million people in the United States alone hear the words no one ever wants to hear: You have cancer. But what if there was a way for fewer people to hear these words? One of the biggest myths regarding cancer is that it’s mostly genetic - meaning that you have no control over whether you get it. While genetics do have an impact, the truth is that your lifestyle and environment play the major role. Physician and Chief Medical Offer of WebMD John Whyte, MD, MPH, shares straightforward information and equips you with strategies to help you on a journey to better health. In Take Control of Your Cancer Risk, Dr. Whyte provides helpful tips including: assessing your cancer risk knowing which screenings you need, and when learning the role food, exercise, and sleep play understanding the relationship between stress and cancer Take Control of Your Cancer Risk is filled with practical advice that empowers you to really take control of our health.

Abeloff s Clinical Oncology E Book

Abeloff s Clinical Oncology E Book
Author: Martin D. Abeloff,James O. Armitage,John E. Niederhuber,Michael B. Kastan,W. Gillies McKenna
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 2592
Release: 2008-06-30
ISBN 10: 1437720560
ISBN 13: 9781437720563
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Abeloff s Clinical Oncology E Book Book Review:

Carrying on the tradition established by its founding editor, the late Dr. Martin Abeloff, the 4th Edition of this respected reference synthesizes all of the latest oncology knowledge in one practical, clinically focused, easy-to-use volume. It incorporates basic science, pathology, diagnosis, management, outcomes, rehabilitation, and prevention – all in one convenient resource – equipping you to overcome your toughest clinical challenges. What's more, you can access the complete contents of this Expert Consult title online, and tap into its unparalleled guidance wherever and whenever you need it most! Equips you to select the most appropriate tests and imaging studies for diagnosing and staging each type of cancer, and manage your patients most effectively using all of the latest techniques and approaches. Explores all of the latest scientific discoveries' implications for cancer diagnosis and management. Employs a multidisciplinary approach - with contributions from pathologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and surgical oncologists - for well-rounded perspectives on the problems you face. Offers a user-friendly layout with a consistent chapter format • summary boxes • a full-color design • and more than 1,445 illustrations (1,200 in full color), to make reference easy and efficient. Offers access to the book's complete contents online – fully searchable – from anyplace with an Internet connection. Presents discussions on cutting-edge new topics including nanotechnology, functional imaging, signal transduction inhibitors, hormone modulators, complications of transplantation, and much more. Includes an expanded color art program that highlights key points, illustrates relevant science and clinical problems, and enhances your understanding of complex concepts.

The Surgeon General s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer

The Surgeon General s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer
Author: U.s. Department of Health and Human Services,Office of the Surgeon General
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2014-10-21
ISBN 10: 9781502903853
ISBN 13: 1502903857
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Surgeon General s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer Book Review:

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, yet most cases are preventable. Every year in the United States, nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer, at an estimated cost of $8.1 billion. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, causes nearly 9,000 deaths each year. Despite recent efforts to address risk factors, skin cancer rates continue to rise. While those with lighter skin are more susceptible, anyone can get skin cancer—and it can be serious, even deadly. Almost all of the conditions can be caused by unnecessary ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure, usually from excessive time in the sun or from the use of indoor tanning devices. It is alarming that every year, nearly one out of every three young white women aged 16–25 engages in indoor tanning. It's important to shatter the myth that tanned skin is a sign of health. And a “base” tan is not a “safe” tan. Tanned skin is damaged skin. Understanding the risk of UV exposure is crucial to protecting ourselves and our loved ones. That is why “The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer” is important for all of us. It outlines action steps we can all take—as individuals, parents, educators, employers, policy makers, health care professionals, and communities—to reverse this alarming trend. As a nation, we can all do more to address skin cancer as a serious public health challenge. Everyone is urged to find out more about the risk of skin cancer—and what we all can do to prevent it.

Sunlight Vitamin D and Skin Cancer

Sunlight  Vitamin D and Skin Cancer
Author: Jörg Reichrath
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 428
Release: 2020-09-11
ISBN 10: 3030462277
ISBN 13: 9783030462277
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Sunlight Vitamin D and Skin Cancer Book Review:

The third edition is a comprehensive and updated overview of positive and negative effects of UV-exposure, with a focus on Vitamin D and skin cancer. Researchers, oncologists,and students will be provided with the most significant and timely information related to topics such as the epidemiology of skin cancer, the immune system and skin cancer, ultraviolet damage, DNA repair and Vitamin D in Nonmelanoma skin cancer and malignant melanoma. There have been a number of new, scientific findings in this fast moving field that necessitated a thoroughly updated and revised edition including new Vitamin D metabolites and skin cancer, new findings on the beneficial effects of UV and solar UV and skin cancer, adverse effects of sun protection and sunscreens, sun exposure and mortality, and more. The book will summarize essential, up-to-date information for every clinician or scientist interested in how to balance the positive and negative effects of UV‐exposure to minimize the risks of developing vitamin D deficiency and skin cancer.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Author: Stephen N. Snow,George R. Mikhail
Publsiher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
Total Pages: 436
Release: 2004
ISBN 10: 9780299204709
ISBN 13: 0299204707
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Mohs Micrographic Surgery Book Review:

Mohs Micrographic Surgery, an advanced treatment procedure for skin cancer, offers the highest potential for recovery—even if the skin cancer has been previously treated. This procedure is a state-of-the-art treatment in which the physician serves as surgeon, pathologist, and reconstructive surgeon. It relies on the accuracy of a microscope to trace and ensure removal of skin cancer down to its roots. This procedure allows dermatologists trained in Mohs Surgery to see beyond the visible disease and to precisely identify and remove the entire tumor, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. This procedure is most often used in treating two of the most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The cure rate for Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the highest of all treatments for skin cancer—up to 99 percent even if other forms of treatment have failed. This procedure, the most exact and precise method of tumor removal, minimizes the chance of regrowth and lessens the potential for scarring or disfigurement

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer
Author: Armand B Cognetta,William M. Mendenhall
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 251
Release: 2013-06-13
ISBN 10: 1461469864
ISBN 13: 9781461469865
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer Book Review:

Photon Radiation Therapy for Skin Malignancies is a vital resource for dermatologists interested in radiation therapy, including the physics and biology behind treatment of skin cancers, as well as useful and pragmatic formulas and algorithms for evaluating and treating them. Dermatology has always been a field that overlaps multiple medical specialties and this book is no exception, with its focus on both dermatologists and radiation oncologists. It is estimated that between 2010 and 2020, the demand for radiation therapy will exceed the number of radiation oncologists practicing in the U.S. tenfold, which could profoundly affect the ability to provide patients with sufficient access to treatment. Photon Radiation Therapy for Skin Malignancies enhances the knowledge of dermatologists and radiation oncologists and presents them with the most up-to-date information regarding detection, delineation and depth determination of skin cancers, and appropriate biopsy techniques. In addition, the book also addresses radiation therapy of the skin and the skin’s reactions to radiation therapy.

Skin Cancer Management

Skin Cancer Management
Author: Deborah MacFarlane
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 299
Release: 2010-03-11
ISBN 10: 9780387884950
ISBN 13: 0387884955
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Skin Cancer Management Book Review:

The editor of Skin Cancer Management: A Practical Approach, Dr. Deborah MacFarlane, gathers experts in selected techniques related to the assessment and management of skin cancer and has them critically review the existing literature in light of their considerable experience delivering care. The authors make recommendations for the best way to perform procedures. The tables provided in each chapter then become a manual of how to perform these procedures, and may in time be adopted by the wider universe of dermatologists as the standard of performance. The detailed descriptions of technique and treatment pearls lead the novice through the sequence of events in a way that instills confidence in their ability to safely perform the procedure. An example of the painstaking expla- tions is found in Chapter 5, Intralesional and Perilesional Treatment of Skin Cancers. The reader is advised to place eye protection on the patient and those performing the injection of methotrexate into a keratoacanthoma with a central crust. Rest assured that there will be a spray or stream of methotrexate emitted from the crusted area. Having eye protection will prevent methotrexate from accidentally getting into someone’s eye. Since we all learn to assimilate new information by taking action on the recommendations that we read, it would be a good idea for the physician to create, where relevant, a checklist for each procedure in the text. The checklist can be given to the office staff to set up the equipment for the procedure.

Non melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck

Non melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck
Author: Faruque Riffat,Carsten E. Palme,Michael Veness
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 201
Release: 2015-09-30
ISBN 10: 8132224973
ISBN 13: 9788132224976
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Non melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck Book Review:

Non-melanoma skin cancer is a global public health issue. With an ever-increasing, and ageing, world population coupled with increasing numbers of immunosuppressed individuals the number of patients continues to rise. The head and neck is overwhelmingly the most frequent location for the development of a non-melanoma skin cancer and as such challenges the clinician with its complex anatomy. The importance of maintaining the aesthetics of the face and the function of the anatomy cannot be overstated, yet ultimately it is always the aim of curing a patient with the minimum of morbidity that clinicians strive for. However, the spectrum of presentations and subsequent management varies widely, ranging from patients with the ubiquitous low-risk mid-face basal cell carcinoma to those diagnosed with relatively uncommon but potentially life-threatening high-risk squamous cell carcinomas (e.g. involving metastatic lymph nodes or with perineural invasion present) and Merkel cell carcinomas.

Advanced Skin Cancer

Advanced Skin Cancer
Author: Debjani Sahni,Adam Lerner (MD),Bilal Fawaz
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2022
ISBN 10: 9781032230245
ISBN 13: 103223024X
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Advanced Skin Cancer Book Review:

"An advanced skin cancer is one that has already metastasized beyond its primary origin, or one that has invaded underlying tissue such that surgical resection either is technically impossible or would lead to an unacceptable functional or cosmetic outcome. These skin cancers present a complex problem that requires the input of multiple specialties to delineate the best management plan. National guidelines utilize the best available data to guide management decisions. However, there is considerable leeway within the guidelines, enabling the ultimate care decision to be molded to best fit each individual patient. This book aims to provide instructional examples of patient cases where the input of the multi-disciplinary team is critical in providing the most suitable care plan for the patient"--

Fast Facts Skin Cancer

Fast Facts  Skin Cancer
Author: Karen L. Agnew,Christopher B. Bunker
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 116
Release: 2013-09-16
ISBN 10: 9781908541505
ISBN 13: 1908541504
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Fast Facts Skin Cancer Book Review:

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer has been written by three international experts to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary diagnostic skills and treatment options to save lives.

Extending Medicare Coverage for Preventive and Other Services

Extending Medicare Coverage for Preventive and Other Services
Author: Institute of Medicine,Division of Health Care Services,Committee on Medicare Coverage Extensions
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 410
Release: 2000-05-07
ISBN 10: 0309068894
ISBN 13: 9780309068895
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Extending Medicare Coverage for Preventive and Other Services Book Review:

This report, which was developed by an expert committee of the Institute of Medicine, reviews the first three services listed above. It is intended to assist policymakers by providing syntheses of the best evidence available about the effectiveness of these services and by estimating the cost to Medicare of covering them. For each service or condition examined, the committee commissioned a review of the scientific literature that was presented and discussed at a public workshop. As requested by Congress, this report includes explicit estimates only of costs to Medicare, not costs to beneficiaries, their families, or others. It also does not include cost-effectiveness analyses. That is, the extent of the benefits relative to the costs to Medicareâ€"or to society generallyâ€"is not evaluated for the services examined. The method for estimating Medicare costs follows the generic estimation practices of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The objective was to provide Congress with estimates that were based on familiar procedures and could be compared readily with earlier and later CBO estimates. For each condition or service, the estimates are intended to suggest the order of magnitude of the costs to Medicare of extending coverage, but the estimates could be considerably higher or lower than what Medicare might actually spend were coverage policies changed. The estimates cover the five-year period 2000-2004. In addition to the conclusions about specific coverage issues, the report examines some broader concerns about the processes for making coverage decisions and about the research and organizational infrastructure for these decisions. It also briefly examines the limits of coverage as a means of improving health services and outcomes and the limits of evidence as a means of resolving policy and ethical questions.

Exposure to Artificial UV Radiation and Skin Cancer

Exposure to Artificial UV Radiation and Skin Cancer
Author: IARC Working Group on Risk of Skin Cancer and Exposure to Artificial Ultraviolet Light,International Agency for Research on Cancer
Publsiher: World Health Organization
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2006
ISBN 10: 1928374650XXX
ISBN 13: IND:30000110603366
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Exposure to Artificial UV Radiation and Skin Cancer Book Review:

This report represents the views and expert opinions of an IARC Working Group that met in Lyon, France, 27-29 June 2005

A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer

A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer
Author: Allison Hanlon
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2018-05-14
ISBN 10: 331974903X
ISBN 13: 9783319749037
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer Book Review:

Skin cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm, and with the increasing regularity of such tumors comes the need for a practical guide for medical professionals to reference for diagnosis, management, and treatment. This book covers everything from the epidemiology of the skin cancer, clinical presentation with clinical photographs, diagrams of the most common anatomical locations, to histological descriptions, special stains/tests for diagnosis, and a treatment algorithm in chart form. A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer offers brief and succinct chapters with pertinent references, as well as high quality color photographs, diagrams, tables, and charts. Written for dermatologists, dermatology residents, and oncologists, this book allows for the reader to quickly and easily obtain the information regarding a tumor’s clinical presentation, patient evaluation and treatment algorithms, proving essential for every physician who encounters these tumors in their daily practice.

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Cutaneous Melanoma

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Cutaneous Melanoma
Author: Othon Papadopoulos,Nikolaos A. Papadopulos,Grigorios Champsas
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 844
Release: 2020-06-17
ISBN 10: 3030187977
ISBN 13: 9783030187972
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer and Cutaneous Melanoma Book Review:

This book describes and illustrates the reconstructive surgical techniques appropriate in patients with skin cancer and melanoma, according to anatomic region, with a view to enabling readers to perform these techniques optimally. An extensive introductory section discusses skin cancer and melanoma from the points of view of dermatology, oncology, pathology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. The surgical treatment and reconstruction of localized skin cancer and melanoma in each anatomic region are then explained step by step with the aid of a wealth of color photos. The final section similarly presents the techniques and procedures appropriate for the surgical treatment and reconstruction of lymph node metastases, covering the sentinel node, lymphadenectomy, and lymphedema. This book will be immensely valuable for plastic and general surgeons, and also of interest for dermatologists, pathologists, oncologists, and nuclear medicine physicians.​

Prevention of Skin Cancer

Prevention of Skin Cancer
Author: David Hill,Dallas R. English,J. Mark Elwood
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2013-03-14
ISBN 10: 9401705119
ISBN 13: 9789401705110
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Prevention of Skin Cancer Book Review:

Our series Cancer Prevention - Cancer Control continues to address the causes and prevention of cancer. In this volume, Hill, Elwood, and English bring together a rich resource summarizing the state of science underpinning the primary prevention of skin cancer. While skin cancer causes an increasing burden, particularly in populations of European origin, our understanding of the role of sun exposure together with the genetic components of skin cancer continues to grow. Given the emphasis on evidence-based medicine and public health prevention efforts, it is noteworthy that, although we can all access the same evidence base, countries around the world have had remarkably different responses to the application of this knowledge to prevent skin cancer. The outstanding contribution of the Australian public health community to the scientific understanding of skin cancer etiology and the translation of this knowledge into national prevention efforts uniquely positions the editors to compile this volume focused on the primary prevention of skin cancer. In so doing they draw on an international team of authors to present a “state of the science” summary of skin cancer prevention and to identify those areas where uncertainty remains. To achieve successful prevention of cancer we must translate our scientific knowledge base into effective prevention programs. This book offers the reader keen insights into the depth of our understanding of etiologic pathways for skin cancer. This etiologic science base is complemented by rigorous prevention science placing emphasis on the social context for effective and sustained prevention efforts.

Non Surgical Treatment of Keratinocyte Skin Cancer

Non Surgical Treatment of Keratinocyte Skin Cancer
Author: Gregor Jemec,Lajos Kemeny,Donald Miech
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 217
Release: 2009-10-13
ISBN 10: 3540793410
ISBN 13: 9783540793410
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Non Surgical Treatment of Keratinocyte Skin Cancer Book Review:

Books mark the progress of Man since they were invented. Through them we are able to gain insight into the minds of our predecessors better than through any other medium. They describe how the delicate interplay between practice and ideal, which is better known as evolution, has brought forward the societies in which we now live. A book marks the synthesis of knowledge in a different way from individual papers. A certain maturity and volume of understanding and knowledge is necessary before the material is suitable for a book. The timing of the cognitive and analytical synt- sis represented by a book is therefore crucial; too soon and it is lost in speculation, too late and it is old news. Non-melanoma skin cancer is common; it causes morbidity, it causes a burden on society, and treatment has been traditionally almost exclusively surgical. Decades of medical science have however now brought forward a number of techniques which may help both the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer without physically removing it, either alone or in combination in treatment programs tailored to the individual patients.

Skin Cancer A Comprehensive Guide

Skin Cancer  A Comprehensive Guide
Author: Keyvan Nouri
Publsiher: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical
Total Pages: 800
Release: 2021-06-22
ISBN 10: 9781260453003
ISBN 13: 1260453006
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Skin Cancer A Comprehensive Guide Book Review:

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. With hundreds of color illustrations—this comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know about cutaneous malignancies Skin Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide provides an incisive discussion of both normal and aging skin and the incidences and cause of skin cancer. It begins with a thorough, expert look at all types of skin cancer and important benign skin tumors, as well as dermatological manifestation of internal malignancy. Next, you’ll find a section on treating skin cancer in various patient populations, including children and pregnant women. The book concludes with in-depth sections on skin cancer patients, covering skin cancer vaccines and chemo prevention of cancer, the economic challenges issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, and many other critical topics and issues. Features • 275+ photos and illustrations • Includes cases highlighting key points, treatments, and diagnostic tips • Explains how to use lasers and optical coherence for diagnosis • Covers Mohs micrographic surgery, hyper Ig-E and hypereosinophilic syndromes, and confocal laser scanning microscopy

Cancer Prevention and Screening

Cancer Prevention and Screening
Author: Rosalind A. Eeles,Christine D. Berg,Jeffrey S. Tobias
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 456
Release: 2018-08-15
ISBN 10: 1118991060
ISBN 13: 9781118991060
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Cancer Prevention and Screening Book Review:

Cancer Prevention and Screening offers physicians and all clinical healthcare professionals a comprehensive, useful source of the latest information on cancer screening and prevention with both a global and a multidisciplinary perspective. Includes background information on epidemiology, cancer prevention, and cancer screening, for quick reference Offers the latest information for clinical application of the most recent techniques in prevention and screening of all major and many lesser cancer types Emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in cancer screening Highlights frequent dilemmas and difficulties encountered during cancer screening Provides clear-cut clinical strategies for optimal patient education, communication, and compliance with cancer prevention techniques