Mind Children

Mind Children
Author: Hans Moravec
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 214
Release: 1988
ISBN 10: 9780674576186
ISBN 13: 0674576187
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Mind Children Book Review:

Arguing that within the next fifty years machines will equal humans not only in reasoning power but also in their ability to perceive, interact with, and change their environment, the author describes the tremendous technological advances possible in thefield of robotics

The Children s Book

The Children s Book
Author: A. S. Byatt
Publsiher: Vintage Canada
Total Pages: 624
Release: 2009-11-03
ISBN 10: 0307373835
ISBN 13: 9780307373830
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Children s Book Book Review:

From the renowned author of Possession, The Children’s Book is the absorbing story of the close of what has been called the Edwardian summer: the deceptively languid, blissful period that ended with the cataclysmic destruction of World War I. In this compelling novel, A.S. Byatt summons up a whole era, revealing that beneath its golden surface lay tensions that would explode into war, revolution and unbelievable change — for the generation that came of age before 1914 and, most of all, for their children. The novel centres around Olive Wellwood, a fairy tale writer, and her circle, which includes the brilliant, erratic craftsman Benedict Fludd and his apprentice Phillip Warren, a runaway from the poverty of the Potteries; Prosper Cain, the soldier who directs what will become the Victoria and Albert Museum; Olive’s brother-in-law Basil Wellwood, an officer of the Bank of England; and many others from every layer of society. A.S. Byatt traces their lives in intimate detail and moves between generations, following the children who must choose whether to follow the roles expected of them or stand up to their parents’ “porcelain socialism.” Olive’s daughter Dorothy wishes to become a doctor, while her other daughter, Hedda, wants to fight for votes for women. Her son Tom, sent to an upper-class school, wants nothing more than to spend time in the woods, tracking birds and foxes. Her nephew Charles becomes embroiled with German-influenced revolutionaries. Their portraits connect the political issues at the heart of nascent feminism and socialism with grave personal dilemmas, interlacing until The Children’s Book becomes a perfect depiction of an entire world. Olive is a fairy tale writer in the era of Peter Pan and Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind In the Willows, not long after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. At a time when children in England suffered deprivation by the millions, the concept of childhood was being refined and elaborated in ways that still influence us today. For each of her children, Olive writes a special, private book, bound in a different colour and placed on a shelf; when these same children are ferried off into the unremitting destruction of the Great War, the reader is left to wonder who the real children in this novel are. The Children’s Book is an astonishing novel. It is an historical feat that brings to life an era that helped shape our own as well as a gripping, personal novel about parents and children, life’s most painful struggles and its richest pleasures. No other writer could have imagined it or created it.

I Sang You Down from the Stars

I Sang You Down from the Stars
Author: Tasha Spillett-Sumner
Publsiher: Owlkids
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2021-04-15
ISBN 10: 9781771474085
ISBN 13: 1771474084
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

I Sang You Down from the Stars Book Review:

A love letter from an Indigenous mother to her new baby Drawing from Indigenous creation stories and traditional teachings and illustrated in dazzling watercolors, I Sang You Down from the Starsis a tribute to the bond between mother and child. The narrator gathers gifts for a medicine bundle in anticipation of her baby's birth; a fluffy white eagle plume, bunches of cedar and sage, a quilted star blanket, and a small stone from the river. When the baby arrives, the mother shares the bundle with her child and reveals the importance of each item inside. But when her family comes to meet the new arrival, she realizes the baby arrived with gifts of its own and that the baby is also a sacred bundle: a baby bundle. Writing in simple, lyrical text, author Tasha Spillett-Sumner draws from her cultural heritage in order to celebrate Indigenous traditions and the universal nature of a mother's love.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Author: Eric Carle
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 26
Release: 2016-11-22
ISBN 10: 1524739553
ISBN 13: 9781524739553
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Review:

The all-time classic picture book, from generation to generation, sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds! Have you shared it with a child or grandchild in your life? For the first time, Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is now available in e-book format, perfect for storytime anywhere. As an added bonus, it includes read-aloud audio of Eric Carle reading his classic story. This fine audio production pairs perfectly with the classic story, and it makes for a fantastic new way to encounter this famous, famished caterpillar.

And Tango Makes Three

And Tango Makes Three
Author: Justin Richardson,Peter Parnell
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2015-06-02
ISBN 10: 1481460951
ISBN 13: 9781481460958
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

And Tango Makes Three Book Review:

The heartwarming true story of two penguins who create a nontraditional family. At the penguin house at the Central Park Zoo, two penguins named Roy and Silo were a little bit different from the others. But their desire for a family was the same. And with the help of a kindly zookeeper, Roy and Silo got the chance to welcome a baby penguin of their very own.

Prizing Children s Literature

Prizing Children   s Literature
Author: Kenneth B. Kidd,Joseph T. Thomas Jr.
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2016-11-10
ISBN 10: 1317231422
ISBN 13: 9781317231424
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Prizing Children s Literature Book Review:

Children's book awards have mushroomed since the early twentieth-century and especially since the 1960s, when literary prizing became a favored strategy for both commercial promotion and canon-making. There are over 300 awards for English-language titles alone, but despite the profound impact of children’s book awards, scholars have paid relatively little attention to them. This book is the first scholarly volume devoted to the analysis of Anglophone children's book awards in historical and cultural context. With attention to both political and aesthetic concerns, the book offers original and diverse scholarship on prizing practices and their consequences in Australia, Canada, and especially the United States. Contributors offer both case studies of particular awards and analysis of broader trends in literary evaluation and elevation, drawing on theoretical work on canonization and cultural capital. Sections interrogate the complex and often unconscious ideological work of prizing, the ongoing tension between formalist awards and so-called identity-based awards — all the more urgent in light of the "We Need Diverse Books" campaign — the ever-morphing forms and parameters of prizing, and scholarly practices of prizing. Among the many awards discussed are the Pura Belpré Medal, the Inky Awards, the Canada Governor General Literary Award, the Printz Award, the Best Animated Feature Oscar, the Phoenix Award, and the John Newbery Medal, giving due attention to prizes for fiction as well as for non-fiction, poetry, and film. This volume will interest scholars in literary and cultural studies, social history, book history, sociology, education, library and information science, and anyone concerned with children's literature.

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk Kung Fu Cavemen from the Future

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk  Kung Fu Cavemen from the Future
Author: Dav Pilkey
Publsiher: Scholastic Inc.
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2012-12-01
ISBN 10: 0545513162
ISBN 13: 9780545513166
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk Kung Fu Cavemen from the Future Book Review:

Tra-la-laaa! Dav Pilkey -- ahem -- we mean, George and Harold, the authors of SUPER DIAPER BABY, are back with their second epic novel!

The Wild Book

The Wild Book
Author: Juan Villoro
Publsiher: Restless Books
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2017-11-14
ISBN 10: 1632061481
ISBN 13: 9781632061485
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Wild Book Book Review:

“We walked toward the part of the library where the air smelled as if it had been interred for years….. Finally, we got to the hallway where the wooden floor was the creakiest, and we sensed a strange whiff of excitement and fear. It smelled like a creature from a bygone time. It smelled like a dragon.” Thirteen-year-old Juan’s favorite things in the world are koalas, eating roast chicken, and the summer-time. This summer, though, is off to a terrible start. First, Juan’s parents separate and his dad goes to Paris. Then, as if that wasn’t horrible enough, Juan is sent away to his strange Uncle Tito’s house for the entire break! Uncle Tito is really odd: he has zigzag eyebrows; drinks ten cups of smoky tea a day; and lives inside a huge, mysterious library. One day, while Juan is exploring the library, he notices something inexplicable and rushes to tell Uncle Tito. “The books moved!” His uncle drinks all his tea in one gulp and, sputtering, lets his nephew in on a secret: Juan is a Princeps Reader––which means books respond magically to him––and he’s the only person capable of finding the elusive, never-before-read Wild Book. Juan teams up with his new friend Catalina and his little sister, and together they delve through books that scuttle from one shelf to the next, topple over unexpectedly, or even disappear altogether to find The Wild Book and discover its secret. But will they find it before the wicked, story-stealing Pirate Book does?

Children of Time

Children of Time
Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publsiher: Pan Macmillan
Total Pages: 608
Release: 2016-04-21
ISBN 10: 1447273303
ISBN 13: 9781447273301
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Children of Time Book Review:

WINNER OF THE 2016 ARTHUR C. CLARKE AWARDA race for survival among the stars ... Humanity's last survivors escaped earth's ruins to find a new home. But when they find it, can their desperation overcome its dangers?WHO WILL INHERIT THIS NEW EARTH?The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age - a world terraformed and prepared for human life.But all is not right in this new Eden. In the long years since the planet was abandoned, the work of its architects has borne disastrous fruit. The planet is not waiting for them, pristine and unoccupied. New masters have turned it from a refuge into mankind's worst nightmare.Now two civilizations are on a collision course, both testing the boundaries of what they will do to survive. As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, who are the true heirs of this new Earth?PRAISE FOR CHILDREN OF TIME"A refreshingly new take on post-dystopia civilizations, with the smartest evolutionary worldbuilding you'll ever read" Peter F. Hamilton"This is superior stuff, tackling big themes - gods, messiahs, artificial intelligence, alienness - with brio" Financial Times"Like a Stephen Baxter novel with an epic sweep of history ... added to a broad cast of a Peter Hamilton Space Opera and the narrative drive of, say, a David Brin or a Greg Bear old style SF novel, Children of Time soon got me hooked." SFF World"Children of Time has that essence of the classic science fiction novels, that sense of wonder and unfettered imagination but combined with this is the charm of a writer who really knows how to entertain ... Essential science fiction, a book not to be missed." SF Book

Different Minds

Different Minds
Author: Deirdre V. Lovecky
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 525
Release: 2004
ISBN 10: 1853029645
ISBN 13: 9781853029646
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Different Minds Book Review:

Explaining why certain children are gifted and how giftedness is manifested, each chapter addresses the relevance for children with AD/HD and Asperger Syndrome. Lovecky guides parents and professionals through methods of diagnosis and advises on how best to nurture individual needs, positive behaviour and relationships at home and at school.

Children s books brain development and language acquisition

Children s books  brain development  and language acquisition
Author: Ralf Thiede
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2018-11-13
ISBN 10: 1351113976
ISBN 13: 9781351113977
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Children s books brain development and language acquisition Book Review:

This book correlates English-speaking children’s brain development and acquisition of language with the linguistic input that comes from children’s books. Drawing from the most current research on the developing brain, the author demonstrates how language acquisition is exclusively interactive, and highlights the benefit that accrues when that interaction includes the exploratory language play found in early childhood literature. Through discussions of specific domains of grammar, the relation of these domains to children’s literature through scaffolding, and the resultant linguistic and cognitive advantages for the child, this volume offers an innovative approach to early brain maturation.

Wild Symphony

Wild Symphony
Author: Dan Brown
Publsiher: Rodale Kids
Total Pages: 44
Release: 2020-09
ISBN 10: 0593123840
ISBN 13: 9780593123843
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Wild Symphony Book Review:

"Travel through the trees and across the seas with Maestro Mouse and his musical friends! Young readers will meet a big blue whale and speedy cheetahs, tiny beetles and graceful swans. Each has a special secret to share."--Provided by publisher.

The Children who Lived

The Children who Lived
Author: Kathryn A. Markell,Marc A. Markell
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 182
Release: 2008
ISBN 10: 0415957656
ISBN 13: 9780415957656
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Children who Lived Book Review:

Harry Potter's encounters with grief, as well as the grief experiences of other fictional characters, can be used by educators, counselors, and parents to help children and adolescents deal with their own loss issues. The Children Who Lived is a unique approach toward grief and loss in children. Focusing on fictional child and adolescent characters experiencing grief, this book uses classic tales and the Harry Potter books to help grieving children and adolescents. Included in the text and the companion CD are a number of activities, discussion questions, and games that could be used with grieving children and adolescents, based on the fictional characters in these books.

Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest
Author: Elsa Beskow
Publsiher: Floris Books - Floris Books
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2005
ISBN 10: 9780863154973
ISBN 13: 0863154972
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Children of the Forest Book Review:

The children of the forest live deep in the roots of an old pine tree. They collect wild mushrooms and blueberries and shelter under toadstools when it rains. They play with the squirrels and frogs, and when fall comes, they collect and prepare food to see them through the long winter, until the warm spring breeze starts to blow. A mini gift edition of Elsa Beskow's classic story.

A Fine Dessert Four Centuries Four Families One Delicious Treat

A Fine Dessert  Four Centuries  Four Families  One Delicious Treat
Author: Emily Jenkins
Publsiher: Schwartz & Wade
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2015-01-27
ISBN 10: 0375987711
ISBN 13: 9780375987717
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A Fine Dessert Four Centuries Four Families One Delicious Treat Book Review:

A New York Times Best Illustrated Book From highly acclaimed author Jenkins and Caldecott Medal–winning illustrator Blackall comes a fascinating picture book in which four families, in four different cities, over four centuries, make the same delicious dessert: blackberry fool. This richly detailed book ingeniously shows how food, technology, and even families have changed throughout American history. In 1710, a girl and her mother in Lyme, England, prepare a blackberry fool, picking wild blackberries and beating cream from their cow with a bundle of twigs. The same dessert is prepared by an enslaved girl and her mother in 1810 in Charleston, South Carolina; by a mother and daughter in 1910 in Boston; and finally by a boy and his father in present-day San Diego. Kids and parents alike will delight in discovering the differences in daily life over the course of four centuries. Includes a recipe for blackberry fool and notes from the author and illustrator about their research.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Author: Virginia Lee Burton
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 48
Release: 2010-06-28
ISBN 10: 9780547350578
ISBN 13: 0547350570
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Book Review:

A modern classic that no child should miss. Since it was first published in 1939, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel has delighted generations of children. Mike and his trusty steam shovel, Mary Anne, dig deep canals for boats to travel through, cut mountain passes for trains, and hollow out cellars for city skyscrapers -- the very symbol of industrial America. But with progress come new machines, and soon the inseparable duo are out of work. Mike believes that Mary Anne can dig as much in a day as one hundred men can dig in a week, and the two have one last chance to prove it and save Mary Anne from the scrap heap. What happens next in the small town of Popperville is a testament to their friendship, and to old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity.

Handbook of Evidence Based Treatment Manuals for Children and Adolescents

Handbook of Evidence Based Treatment Manuals for Children and Adolescents
Author: Craig W. LeCroy
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 604
Release: 2008-04-18
ISBN 10: 019517741X
ISBN 13: 9780195177411
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Handbook of Evidence Based Treatment Manuals for Children and Adolescents Book Review:

With the advance of evidence-based practice has come the publication of numerous dense volumes reviewing the theoretical and empirical components of child and adolescent treatment. There are also a variety of detailed treatment manuals that describe the step-by-step procedures to guide ongoing research and practice. The second edition of Craig Winston LeCroy's Handbook of Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Treatment Manuals is a forceful combination of the two approaches, as he gathers fifteen varied treatment manuals and brief summaries of the research supporting each to ensure that practitioners will truly understand how to implement the treatments they are using.A completely revised and expanded edition of the handbook's first edition, this is an essential guide to some of the best programs for helping children and teens. Each chapter begins with an explanatory section that discusses the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of the programs. The treatment manual follows, leading readers through sessions with specific details about conducting the treatment that have been refined and improved through extensive testing and research. Organized into three sections: the major clinical disorders, social problems confronting children and teens, and preventive interventions the Handbook brings together some of the most esteemed researcher-practitioners in the child and adolescent field. The book presents an impressive variety of innovative treatment programs and techniques including: the SiHLE program (intended to prevent problems confronting children and teens, and preventive interventions the Handbook brings together some of the most esteemed researcher-practitioners in the child and adolescent field. The book presents an impressive variety of innovative treatment programs and techniques including: the SiHLE program (intended to prevent HIV through education and self-esteem building), the Children of Divorce Intervention Program (a therapy for younger children stressing resilience and skill-building), and Strengths Oriented Family Therapy (which reaches out to substance-involved adolescents and their families).The Handbook of Evidence-Based Child and Adolescent Treatment Manuals is an indispensable reference for researchers, graduate students, and practitioners working with children and adolescents in a multitude of settings, from schools and juvenile correction centers to group homes and family service agencies.

The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds
Author: James Surowiecki
Publsiher: Anchor
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2005-08-16
ISBN 10: 0307275051
ISBN 13: 9780307275059
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The Wisdom of Crowds Book Review:

In this fascinating book, New Yorker business columnist James Surowiecki explores a deceptively simple idea: Large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant—better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future. With boundless erudition and in delightfully clear prose, Surowiecki ranges across fields as diverse as popular culture, psychology, ant biology, behavioral economics, artificial intelligence, military history, and politics to show how this simple idea offers important lessons for how we live our lives, select our leaders, run our companies, and think about our world.

Inside Out Back Again

Inside Out   Back Again
Author: Thanhha Lai
Publsiher: Univ. of Queensland Press
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2013-03
ISBN 10: 0702251178
ISBN 13: 9780702251177
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Inside Out Back Again Book Review:

Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.

An Eclectic Approach to the Study of Children s Consumer Behavior Relative to Food

An Eclectic Approach to the Study of Children s Consumer Behavior Relative to Food
Author: Lois A. Lund
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 329
Release: 1966
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: MINN:31951D001881642
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

An Eclectic Approach to the Study of Children s Consumer Behavior Relative to Food Book Review: