Essential Animal Behavior

Essential Animal Behavior
Author: Graham Scott
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2009-02-05
ISBN 10: 1405144513
ISBN 13: 9781405144513
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Essential Animal Behavior Book Review:

Essential Animal Behavior provides a comprehensive introduction toall areas of the subject: from the genetic and neurobiologicalcontrol of behavior to the learning, development, and function ofbehavior in an evolutionary context. Social behaviour is alsocovered throughout the text. Written in a concise and engaging style, this new book: includes examples from both marine and terrestrial environmentsaround the world places current research alongside classic examples, and puts the study of animal behavior in an applied context,emphasizing the implications for animal welfare and animalconservation. Carefully designed to meet the needs of students coming to thesubject for the first time, the book includes the followingfeatures: key concept boxes Focus on boxes chapter summaries guided reading to aid revision and further study case studies and boxed examples that reinforce essentialpoints, and questions for discussion. This book is essential reading for degree-level studentsfollowing modular programs in biology, zoology, marine biology, andpsychology. An Instructor manual CD-ROM for this title is available. Pleasecontact our Higher Education team at ahref="mailto:[email protected]"[email protected]/afor more information.

Principles and Applications of Domestic Animal Behavior

Principles and Applications of Domestic Animal Behavior
Author: Edward O. Price
Publsiher: CABI
Total Pages: 332
Release: 2008
ISBN 10: 1845933982
ISBN 13: 9781845933982
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Principles and Applications of Domestic Animal Behavior Book Review:

In order to understand and manage animals in their natural or captive environments we must first understand why animals do what they do and recognize limitations in their ability to adapt to different environments. Drawing on the author's considerable experience in both teaching and research, this introductory-level textbook describes the basic principles underlying animal behavior and how those concepts can be used in managing the care of domestic and captive wild animals, covering four key themes: development of behavior, biological rhythms, social behavior and behavioral aspects of animal management. Extensively illustrated with many practical examples and over 150 photos and figures, the book will be essential reading for animal science and veterinary students.

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff
Author: Emily Weiss,Heather Mohan-Gibbons,Stephen Zawistowski
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2015-07-07
ISBN 10: 1118711114
ISBN 13: 9781118711118
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff Book Review:

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff presents and evaluates the available research and programs that address both animal and human behaviors associated with the intake, management and rehoming of dog and cats. Introductions to dog and cat behavior relevant to any animal professional Reviews behavioral reasons for the relinquishment of dogs and cats Describes intake and assessment protocol, shelter design, training and enrichment programs that reduce stress and enhance behavioral well-being Concepts to improve the adoption process and support the human-animal bond post-adoption

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior
Author: Michael D. Breed,Janice Moore
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 552
Release: 2015-05-16
ISBN 10: 0128016833
ISBN 13: 9780128016831
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behavior Book Review:

Animal Behavior, Second Edition, covers the broad sweep of animal behavior from its neurological underpinnings to the importance of behavior in conservation. The authors, Michael Breed and Janice Moore, bring almost 60 years of combined experience as university professors to this textbook, much of that teaching animal behavior. An entire chapter is devoted to the vibrant new field of behavior and conservation, including topics such as social behavior and the relationship between parasites, pathogens, and behavior. Thoughtful coverage has also been given to foraging behavior, mating and parenting behavior, anti-predator behavior, and learning. This text addresses the physiological foundations of behavior in a way that is both accessible and inviting, with each chapter beginning with learning objectives and ending with thought-provoking questions. Additionally, special terms and definitions are highlighted throughout. Animal Behavior provides a rich resource for students (and professors) from a wide range of life science disciplines. Provides a rich resource for students and professors from a wide range of life science disciplines Updated and revised chapters, with at least 50% new case studies and the addition of contemporary in-text examples Expanded and updated coverage of animal welfare topics Includes behavior and homeostatic mechanisms, behavior and conservation, and behavioral aspects of disease Available lab manual with fully developed and tested laboratory exercises Companion website includes newly developed slide sets/templates (PowerPoints) coordinated with the book

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior
Author: Chadwick V. Tillberg,Michael D. Breed,Sarah J. Hinners
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2007-09-04
ISBN 10: 9780080552767
ISBN 13: 0080552765
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior Book Review:

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior is an interactive laboratory manual for students in animal behavior, ethology, and behavioral ecology. It is the first of its kind in this subject area that guides students through the diverse and fascinating fields of behavioral and ethological studies, employing a wide array of organisms as model systems for the study of behavior. Students participate in the development of hypothesis and turn the recording, analysis, and interpretation of data into an active and engaging process. A teacher-friendly companion website provides extensive teaching notes on the background to each lab project, tips and hints for successful project presentation, sources for studying organisms, ideas for variations in labs, and alternate study organisms. This text is recommended for undergraduate courses in Animal Behavior, Ethology, and Behavioral Ecology. Provides fully developed and tested laboraty exercises Offers both field and lab experiences- adaptable for fall, spring, or summer courses Laboratories emphasize student thought and involvement in experimental design Includes an online supplement to the manual for teachers

Animal Behavior Mechanisms Ecology Evolution

Animal Behavior  Mechanisms  Ecology  Evolution
Author: Lee Drickamer,Stephen Vessey,Elizabeth Jakob
Publsiher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics
Total Pages: 422
Release: 2001-07-17
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: UCSD:31822031156128
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behavior Mechanisms Ecology Evolution Book Review:

Designed for a one-semester introductory course in Animal Behavior. Animal behavior is a broad discipline with investigators and contributions from diverse perspectives, including anthropology, comparative psychology, ecology, ethology, physiology, and zoology. The authors goal in this textbook is to use evolutionary principles as a unifying theme to provide students exposure to a number of approaches to the field of animal behavior. They also demonstrate that the varied perspectives used to study behavior are complementary and often integrated; they are not mutually exclusive. The subtitle, “Mechanisms, Ecology, and Evolution,” reflects the broad themes that dominate the book.

Collective Animal Behavior

Collective Animal Behavior
Author: David J. T. Sumpter
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 312
Release: 2010-09-27
ISBN 10: 9781400837106
ISBN 13: 1400837103
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Collective Animal Behavior Book Review:

Fish travel in schools, birds migrate in flocks, honeybees swarm, and ants build trails. How and why do these collective behaviors occur? Exploring how coordinated group patterns emerge from individual interactions, Collective Animal Behavior reveals why animals produce group behaviors and examines their evolution across a range of species. Providing a synthesis of mathematical modeling, theoretical biology, and experimental work, David Sumpter investigates how animals move and arrive together, how they transfer information, how they make decisions and synchronize their activities, and how they build collective structures. Sumpter constructs a unified appreciation of how different group-living species coordinate their behaviors and why natural selection has produced these groups. For the first time, the book combines traditional approaches to behavioral ecology with ideas about self-organization and complex systems from physics and mathematics. Sumpter offers a guide for working with key models in this area along with case studies of their application, and he shows how ideas about animal behavior can be applied to understanding human social behavior. Containing a wealth of accessible examples as well as qualitative and quantitative features, Collective Animal Behavior will interest behavioral ecologists and all scientists studying complex systems.

Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation

Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation
Author: Marco Festa-Bianchet,Marco Apollonio
Publsiher: Island Press
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2013-04-09
ISBN 10: 1597268372
ISBN 13: 9781597268370
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation Book Review:

Efforts to conserve wildlife populations and preserve biological diversity are often hampered by an inadequate understanding of animal behavior. How do animals react to gaps in forested lands, or to sport hunters? Do individual differences--in age, sex, size, past experience--affect how an animal reacts to a given situation? Differences in individual behavior may determine the success or failure of a conservation initiative, yet they are rarely considered when strategies and policies are developed. Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation explores how knowledge of animal behavior may help increase the effectiveness of conservation programs. The book brings together conservation biologists, wildlife managers, and academics from around the world to examine the importance of general principles, the role played by specific characteristics of different species, and the importance of considering the behavior of individuals and the strategies they adopt to maximize fitness.Each chapter begins by looking at the theoretical foundations of a topic, and follows with an exploration of its practical implications. A concluding chapter considers possible future contributions of research in animal behavior to wildlife conservation.

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists
Author: Katherine A. Houpt
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 448
Release: 2018-01-04
ISBN 10: 1119232805
ISBN 13: 9781119232803
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists Book Review:

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists, Sixth Edition is a fully updated revision of this popular, classic text offering a thorough understanding of the normal behavior of domestic animals. Provides a complete understanding of the normal behavior of domestic animals Covers dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, cattle, and goats Describes all key aspects of animal behavior, with images to support the concepts Revised and updated to cover the latest thinking, with enhanced coverage of behavioral genetics, animal cognition, and learning Includes access to a companion website with review questions and answers and the figures from the book in PowerPoint

Studying Animal Behavior

Studying Animal Behavior
Author: Donald A. Dewsbury
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 512
Release: 1985-01
ISBN 10: 9780226144108
ISBN 13: 0226144100
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Studying Animal Behavior Book Review:

In these autobiographical essays by pioneers in the field of animal behavior, the authors discuss childhood, education, moments of discovery, and the attractions of the research that each pursued. The field of animal behavior has been interdisciplinary throughout its history, and the two psychologists and seventeen biologists in Donald Dewsbury's collection provide a fascinating assortment of backgrounds and interests. Chosen by a panel of seven distinguished animal behaviorists, the men whose essays are collected here include two Nobel Prize winners and one Pulitzer Prize winner. All provide unique accounts of the development of the field written by its original leading practitioners.

Conceptual Breakthroughs in Ethology and Animal Behavior

Conceptual Breakthroughs in Ethology and Animal Behavior
Author: Michael D. Breed
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 286
Release: 2017-01-25
ISBN 10: 0128095458
ISBN 13: 9780128095454
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Conceptual Breakthroughs in Ethology and Animal Behavior Book Review:

Conceptual Breakthroughs in Ethology and Animal Behavior highlights, through concise summaries, the most important discoveries and scientific revolutions in animal behavior. These are assessed for their relative impact on the field and their significance to the forward motion of the science of animal behavior. Eighty short essays capture the moment when a new concept emerged or a publication signaled a paradigm shift. How the new understanding came about is explained, and any continuing controversy or scientific conversation on the issue is highlighted. Behavior is a rich and varied field, drawing on genetics, evolution, physiology, and ecology to inform its principles, and this book embraces the wealth of knowledge that comes from the unification of these fields around the study of animals in motion. The chronological organization of the essays makes this an excellent overview of the history of animal behavior, ethology, and behavioral ecology. The work includes such topics as Darwin’s role in shaping the study of animal behavior, the logic of animal contests, cognition, empathy in animals, and animal personalities. Succinct accounts of new revelations about behavior through scientific investigation and scrutiny reveal the fascinating story of this field. Similar to Dr. John Avise’s Contemporary Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Genetics, the work is structured into vignettes that describe the conceptual revolution and assess the impact of the conceptual change, with a score, which ranges from 1-10, providing an assessment of the impact of the new findings on contemporary science. Features a lively, brisk writing style and brief entries to enable easy, enjoyable access to this essential information Includes topics that cover the range of behavioral biology from mechanism to behavioral ecology Can also be used as supplemental material for an undergraduate animal behavior course, or as the foundational text for an upper level or graduate discussion course in advanced animal behavior

Animals in Translation

Animals in Translation
Author: Temple Grandin,Catherine Johnson
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2009-08-11
ISBN 10: 1439130841
ISBN 13: 9781439130841
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animals in Translation Book Review:

With unique personal insight, experience, and hard science, Animals in Translations is the definitive, groundbreaking work on animal behavior and psychology. Temple Grandin’s professional training as an animal scientist and her history as a person with autism have given her a perspective like that of no other expert in the field of animal science. Grandin and coauthor Catherine Johnson present their powerful theory that autistic people can often think the way animals think—putting autistic people in the perfect position to translate “animal talk.” Exploring animal pain, fear, aggression, love, friendship, communication, learning, and even animal genius, Grandin is a faithful guide into their world. Animals in Translation reveals that animals are much smarter than anyone ever imagined, and Grandin, standing at the intersection of autism and animals, offers unparalleled observations and extraordinary ideas about both.

Foundations of Animal Behavior

Foundations of Animal Behavior
Author: Animal Behavior Society
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 843
Release: 1996-08
ISBN 10: 9780226354569
ISBN 13: 0226354563
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Foundations of Animal Behavior Book Review:

Beginning with Darwin's work in the 1870s, Foundations of Animal Behavior selects the most important works from the discipline's first hundred years—forty-four classic papers—and presents them in facsimile, tracing the development of the field. These papers are classics because they either founded a line of investigation, established a basic method, or provided a new approach to an important research question. The papers are divided into six sections, each introduced by prominent researchers. Sections one and two cover the origins and history of the field and the emergence of basic methods and approaches. They provide a background for sections three through six, which focus on development and learning; neural and hormonal mechanisms of behavior; sensory processes, orientation, and communication; and the evolution of behavior. This outstanding collection will serve as the basis for undergraduate and graduate seminars and as a reference for researchers in animal behavior, whether they focus on ethology, behavioral ecology, comparative psychology, or anthropology. Published in association with the Animal Behavior Society

Cognitive Processes in Animal Behavior

Cognitive Processes in Animal Behavior
Author: Stewart H. Hulse,Harry Fowler,Werner K. Honig
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 478
Release: 2018-02-19
ISBN 10: 1351357085
ISBN 13: 9781351357081
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Cognitive Processes in Animal Behavior Book Review:

Originally published in 1978, this book is a collection of chapters based on the papers read at a conference in 1976 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The title starts with an introductory essay in which a metatheoretical and philosophical approach to the problem of cognition in animals is discussed. The succeeding chapters are arranged, topically, from basic associative processes to higher mental operations. Problems derived from models of association are discussed; as well as work on attention, memory, and the processing of stimulus information; other deal with time, spatial, and serial organization of behaviour, and concept formation.

Farm Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition

Farm Animal Behaviour  2nd Edition
Author: Ingvar Ekesbo,Stefan Gunnarsson
Publsiher: CABI
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2018-11-13
ISBN 10: 1786391392
ISBN 13: 9781786391391
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Farm Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition Book Review:

Completely updated and revised, Farm Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition continues to provide essential information on normal and stereotypic behaviours in a wide variety of farm animals to help in the assessment and diagnosis of their health and welfare. Comprehensive coverage of a range of farmed animals from: horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs through to domesticated poultry, deer, ostrich and many other species. Innate, learned and social behaviours are described together with activity, vision and hearing to build a picture of normal behaviours presented in a clear and consistent way for each species. Stereotypic behaviours, injuries and disease, resulting from improper management practices, are outlined in detail. For the second edition Professor Stefan Gunnarsson joins the author team and contributes his long-standing knowledge, clinical and scientific expertise. Many new snapshot photographs in full colour throughout have been added to further illustrate behaviours as they occur. New information on normal and stereotypic behaviours is included. The explosion in new research is captured with a wealth of new references and pointers for further reading. A consistent approach to each species allows for easy comparison. Farm Animal Behaviour 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive yet concise background for all students, postgraduates and practitioners in veterinary medicine, animal science, welfare and ethology.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior
Author: Thomas Valone,Shawn Nordell
Publsiher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 528
Release: 2016-09-20
ISBN 10: 9780190276744
ISBN 13: 0190276746
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behavior Book Review:

EMPHASIZES CONCEPTS. Animal Behavior: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition, takes a conceptual approach that highlights the process of science and the real-world applications of animal behavior research. In an engaging, question-driven style, Shawn E. Nordell and Thomas J. Valone offer readers a clear learning progression for understanding and evaluating empirical research examples. FOCUSES ON METHODOLOGY AND THE PROCESS OF SCIENCE. Featured studies illustrate each concept and emphasize research methods, immersing students in the process of animal behavior research. The authors clearly identify the research question, hypothesis, and prediction for each featured study and then demonstrate how the methods allow the prediction to be tested. HIGHLIGHTS REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS. To help students understand the broader significance of animal behavior research, each chapter contains examples of how various people and groups are applying the concepts to societal problems and issues. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES Bolded key terms, a running glossary, chapter summaries, and thought-provoking discussion questions provide additional support for students "Scientific Process" boxes clearly and concisely lay out each step of the research process "Toolboxes" explain essential skills or complex terms in the science of animal behavior "Applying the Concepts" boxes provide examples of how animal behavior research is being applied to real-life problems Diverse research examples represent all major taxa and highlight both classic and contemporary research Beautiful illustrations and photos help readers visualize complex processes and connect with the natural world

Exploring Animal Behavior

Exploring Animal Behavior
Author: Paul W. Sherman,John Alcock
Publsiher: Sinauer Associates Incorporated
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2013
ISBN 10: 9781605351957
ISBN 13: 1605351954
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Exploring Animal Behavior Book Review:

This anthology contains 37 articles published since 1974 in American Scientist, the journal of the scientific society Sigma Xi. While sequenced particularly to complement John Alcock's Animal Behavior, this readily comprehensible and richly illustrated reader can stand alone as a sampler of the excitement and diversity of research approaches and organisms that constitute the modern study of animal behavior.

Animal Behaviour Ethology

Animal Behaviour  Ethology
Author: Agarwal V.K.
Publsiher: S. Chand Publishing
Total Pages: 408
Release: 2009-07
ISBN 10: 8121932106
ISBN 13: 9788121932103
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Animal Behaviour Ethology Book Review:

This textbook covers all syllabus of B.Sc. classes of All Indian Universities and has been prepared according to U.G.C. model curriculum. Animal Behaviour deals with various types of behaviours of animals and also that of human beings.

Pheromones and Animal Behavior

Pheromones and Animal Behavior
Author: Tristram D. Wyatt
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2014-01-23
ISBN 10: 0521112907
ISBN 13: 9780521112901
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Pheromones and Animal Behavior Book Review:

Explains how animals use chemical communication, emphasising the evolutionary context and covering fields from ecology to neuroscience and chemistry.

A Dictionary of Animal Behaviour

A Dictionary of Animal Behaviour
Author: David McFarland
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 329
Release: 2014-05-22
ISBN 10: 0192518410
ISBN 13: 9780192518415
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A Dictionary of Animal Behaviour Book Review:

Covering every aspect of animal behaviour from adaptation to warning, this accessible A-Z also includes terms from the related fields of ecology, physiology and psychology. Clear and informative entries on topics such as communication, learning, and navigation are backed up by examples and illustrations where appropriate. The new edition adds 80 new entries, expands coverage of behavioural ecology, cognitive ethology, and evolutionary theory, and brings the text up to date with new theories and research. An essential source of reference for students of biology, psychology, and zoology, and fascinating reading for all those interested in animal behaviour.